Vitamins for Breastfeeding Mom – Important Points to Consider

breastfeeding mom needs vitamins

Are you expecting a baby? Or you’ve just had a baby and want to know more about vitamins for breastfeeding mom?

I was in your shoes and I know how important it is to support a young mom who is breastfeeding a baby.

The majority of medical professionals would agree that this is the healthiest way to feed your kid. Breast milk not only provides essential nutrients and vitamins but also helps to protect your kid from possible infection.

But what about a mom herself?

Do I Need Vitamins for Breastfeeding Mother?

I know there are many young moms among my readers so I decided to share with you my ideas and information I’ve found about the best vitamins for breastfeeding mom and whether you really need them.

Some people believe that having a reasonably-well balanced diet is enough and postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding are not really necessary. However, my own research of this topic has revealed that many doctors assure that simply eating good and balanced foods is not enough to ensure a young mom gets all the nutrients necessary to keep optimal health.

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Most medical experts suggest taking vitamins for breastfeeding mothers is essential to help supplement their diet. Do you agree with that?

Best Vitamins for Breastfeeding

Again, I’d like to share my own experience of being a mom and help you avoid some of my mistakes. While I was pregnant, my doctor prescribed me a set of vitamins and supplements to take during pregnancy. I was completely fine with that and took them regularly.

But my biggest mistake was when I decided to start again taking the same amount of vitamins after I had my baby. At that time I didn’t know that prenatal vitamins for breastfeeding are different from those you take throughout the pregnancy. Nursing moms have unique nutritional needs to ensure good health for both them and their babies.


Probably all of the best prenatal vitamins for breastfeeding contain calcium. It’s no surprise, girls, as we need 1,300 milligrams of calcium a day while breastfeeding. Make sure you read nutrition labels to know if you get enough calcium from food (yogurt, milk and hard cheeses should be in your diet.) Otherwise, ask your doctor to prescribe you vitamins for breastfeeding or supplements that contain calcium to help strengthen your hair and nails.

Vitamin C

Nursing moms require a bit more vitamins for breastfeeding and vitamin C is no exception. I remember my doctor told me it’s necessary to get 120 milligrams of vitamin C a day. Apart from pharmaceutical vitamin supplements, it’s great to add some good sources of this vitamin in your diet. As for me, tomatoes, kiwi, broccoli and citrus fruits worked the best.


Another significant element included in the best vitamins for breastfeeding moms is iron. If you are over 20 years old, the experts suggest taking 9 milligrams of iron a day. I can advise you also to include some food that is rich in iron. Seafood, poultry, meat, and dried fruit have all helped me to keep my iron levels during pregnancy and after having a baby.

vitamins for moms who breastfeed

Do I Need Multivitamins?

What I love about multivitamins is that you don’t have to worry about eating all the above-mentioned food on a daily basis or taking several different pills of postnatal vitamins.

In my opinion, the best postnatal vitamins for breastfeeding are multivitamins (of course, prescribed by your doctor) as they contain 100% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

I’ve done a small experiment and compared the amount of every vitamin in my prenatal and postnatal packages. I found out that postnatal multivitamins really contain more calcium and iron which are so necessary for nursing moms. Therefore, it seems reasonable and so much easier to take one pill that contains all the vitamins and supplements in it.

To sum up, I believe that vitamins for breastfeeding mom are essential for maintaining good health and giving the baby a good nutrition from your breast milk. I’ve seen a huge difference and I’m convinced that vitamins helped me a lot and kept me healthy and energized even throughout this challenging period of sleepless nights.

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