Traveling with Kids: Mission Possible!

checklist for traveling with kids

Hello to all parents from my tiny Moms community! How are you doing? Are you all, guys, still at home or fell through the exciting traveling atmosphere leaving your exhausting routine behind? Hope at least someone of you enjoys sunny alluring oceanfront or lunged to the breathtaking kaleidoscope of the adventures in Europe!

Recently, when I came back from Dubai, I understood how, actually, exhausting (though really cool and unbelievable) family holidays are! Yes, you know how I love my family and how I enjoy spending time with them BUT packing checklist for traveling with kids, checking up if I put everything vital, and so on is sooo knotty!

Still, I managed to overcome this crazy “get ready to the dream holidays” period. *Proud of myself*. And now I am going to share the secrets of the awesome and right traveling with kids with you, my ladies. Fasten your seat belts! We are taking off!

1. Get Prepared for Awkward Situations

My Solomia is only 1 year and traveling with her was a challenge. Still, my number one rule is to grab:

1)    a potty;

2)     a couple of changes of clothes;

3)     bags for wet pants.

If your little children (actually, even toddlers) tend to create little accidents, the potty is a crucial thing in your suitcase. While traveling with kids by plane, potty saved me (no matter how it sounds) as Solomia categorically refused using WC on the plane.

Furthermore, don’t forget to put something yummy into the best carry-on luggage for traveling with kids. Though the meals on the planes are okay, my Bogdan enjoyed his favorite candy bar and was absolutely happy!

2. Remain Appy

I didn’t use my smartphone during vacation. No, it’s not because I was absolutely involved into the tempting Arabian atmosphere. It’s because Bogdan and Solomia occupied our gadgets. Still, don’t rush to criticize it.

Apps are the best alternatives to the bags of toys. When you are traveling with kids by plane, every kilogram makes sense. There are lots of games for traveling with kids, which not only entertain them but teach! So, don’t neglect your gadgets – let them grab children’s attention when it’s necessary.

3. Let them Be Discoverers

From my recent experience, I realized that it’s really-really crucial to interest your children. Yes, you can pay and order animators and babysitters. You can even pay to the staff of the entire hotel to entertain your children but where is the sense then?

Your vacation must become your common family experience – breathtaking and unforgettable. A good way is to turn your children into discoverers. No, not MythBusters! Just give them a camera (I suppose an old but working camera would be enough) and you will be surprised by their enthusiasm and interest to the small bugs and sky-high buildings. As they are going to spend quite much time walking, don’t forget to take your custom orthotics.

Now, by the way, a pair of Bogdan’s&Solomia’s photos decorates our living room and my Instagram.

4. Check out the Climate

No matter where you are going to land, you must check the climate of your point of destination. Basing on the temperature, climate, and weather you will create traveling with kids checklist, which will include everything necessary.

You know, ladies, Dubai is the country with a hot and dry climate. Fortunately, we didn’t catch the period when humidity makes glasses and camera lens fog up. Still, my kids were exhausted by the high temperature and I insisted on wearing hats, glasses, and carried water in the heat-resistant. It was hilarious but my packing list for traveling with kids was full of “as a precaution” things.

So, Moms, you have to research such details to exclude all irritating factor that might spoil the vacation.

5. Purchase Child Locator

In the traveling chaos, I hardly managed to look after Solomia and Bogdan. My greatest fear was to lose them in the airport. Airport… A real stress for every Mom. That’s why I strongly recommend purchasing a child locator. The price isn’t sky-high, especially, if you decide to purchase on the Internet. But you will realize the importance of this tool when you will remain calm and relaxed during your vacation.

So, ladies, there are my basic rules, so-called three whales, of the happy traveling with your family. Just make up traveling with kids packing list beforehand and enjoy your vacation! Waiting for your photos on Instagram. And wish you a perfect tan! XOXO.

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