Top Useful Games for Preschoolers

preschoolers games

Day care centers, classes, and other extra activities are good for children. I take my kids to different sections, as I believe that hobbies help them to develop different talents and form their personality. A versatile personality attracts people. It’s easier for a kid to integrate into society and understand whom he wants to be in future.

Still, you shouldn’t rely on different sections and kindergarten only. It’s important to create a list of useful games for preschoolers to make their day productive, and exciting.

Exciting Indoor Games for Preschoolers

Board Games

There is a great variety of the board games for preschoolers and for the whole family in the markets. I really love board games as while playing we laugh, talk, and find out undiscovered things about each other.

Board games help to get close because being a family is about spending time together. Nothing connects our family better than family vacations and time spent playing.

Such games can cost you money but, to my mind, it’s better to save on food, still eat well but make your family’s pastime interesting.

Treasure Hunts

Quests have become veryyy popular. As we know, children like finding different hidden objects, for instance, some gifts. So, create your own quest at home. Hide a tasty prize, brainstorm tasks for kids, write your own clues around the house, and let’s get it started!:)

An excitement is guaranteed!

Indoor bowlingindoor games for kids

Bowling isn’t just a Friday game to have fun. Bowling develops a reaction, coordination, and precision. You can create your own bowling at home with a help of bottles with water and a ball. Keep score and give trophies to the winners.

Memory Games

To develop kid’s memory, I would recommend an exciting game that can make your children giggle. You sit in a circle and say “To a picnic I take…”, the second player says the same and repeats the thing that you took to a picnic, the third player repeats what the first and second players said.

The other memory game also develops kid’s listening and imaginary skills. You take 5 items, gradually you can increase the number of items, and ask your kids to memorize them. Then you hide the items, ask your kids to close their eyes and make the sound with an item. The kid should name it.

This game has another interpretation. For instance, you hide the items and ask to name them.

Around the World Card Games

The set of Around the World Card Games is a set of the card games that helps to develop children’s reaction, Math, History, language, or Geography skills.

There are a couple of cards for each player. Every card has a question: “I have 5. Who has 3+9?” or “I have Paris. Who has a capital of the Great Britain?” etc. One child starts and asks the question, the next one follows him. The first kid, who reveals all cards, is the winner.

The tasks there are simple and they will definitely suit your preschoolers.

Learning Alphabetalphabet learning games

To learn the alphabet, I would recommend parents to form (together with a kid) the letters of dough, colorful paper, or putty.

After that, you should ask your kid to close the eyes and identify the letter by touching it.

You can also ask your children to make up a word with letters, for instance, a tiny trophy for this task “CUPCAKE”.


Different charades, especially animal charades, help your kid develop imagination and reaction. Role-playing is a great way to have fun too.


Don’t forget about puzzles. Puzzles is a game that entertains and educates preschoolers. This game develops cognitive skills, fine motor, hand and eye coordination, and of course, problems solving skills.

Some parents let the child use the Internet to spend spare time. I wouldn’t recommend this step. By playing with family and little friends, a kid learns to be a part of society and it’s very important. Understanding how to solve certain problems in a team is a key of such indoor games for preschoolers.

So, don’t neglect this opportunity to spend time with your priceless children and educate them! What games do you play with your preschoolers? Share them in comments!

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