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I have to confess that I actually like paper books and offline magazine issues much more than reading their electronic versions online on my iPad or smartphone. My everlasting love for reading is shown through several extra bookshelves in my room where I keep all of my purchased books and magazines.

And even though I can’t help purchasing more and more books in Barnes&Noble, I had to make some sacrifices and stop buying paper magazine issues. Not that I am completely over with that habit but I try keeping things under control. And here my iPad came in handy.

To tell the truth, I love reading useful magazine articles that have a bit of something new, interesting and yet entertaining for me to learn. So, if you ever ask me how I usually start my day, I wouldn’t say it starts with a cup of coffee. It’s actually an iPad with a couple of interesting online magazines that can literally make my whole day.

So, would you like to start your day with some useful and valuable information? Quit reading your daily newspapers and switch to online magazines! Here is my personal list of 6 best online magazines available to you for no charge:

1. Clean Eating Magazine

food magazine online

Clean Eating Magazine is not about diet, as you may think, it’s about better living. So, it’s a great choice both for men and women. I know lot’s of my readers love posting food photos on Instagram and this magazine is just perfect for them. Just try to cook this simple, awesomely served meal. For me, it’s a great way to make my family a little bit healthier and happier. Do you remember my smoothie recipe? Guess, where I get ideas). What I also really love is their facebook page.

2. The Beauty Bean

women onlinr magazine

As an alternative to Men’s Health, girls and women may consider the Beauty Bean. This magazine attracts me in every sense of this word, starting from the website’s simple but yet modern interface and finishing with its peculiar look at beauty, health, and well-being. This isn’t a place with lots of tips on how to lose 25 pounds in 7 days, but rather a large hub of latest beauty trends, products as well as fitness and well-being editorials.

3. Travel + Leisure

online magazine for travelers

As a huge travel lover, I am in love with Travel + Leisure online magazine specializing in numerous travel guidelines, news, travel photography and other information about the most outstanding world destinations. This resource can answer any of your current questions about trips and travel preparations even if you are just looking for New York sightseeing tours.

In fact, it features great articles written by experienced poets, journalists, and novelists that make this journal stand one step higher from other online travel guides and blogs. Even if you are not that type of a person that does a lot of traveling, this magazine is worth your attention, just for an overall development.

4. Lonny

home online magazine

There is nothing more inspiring for me than my home and I am always looking for ways to make it cozier. Lonny is one of those magazines to help me with the home décor. I know, there are thousands of sources with the same kind of topic but this one has a great concept as an online magazine. There are online versions of some printed issues of this magazine, and the most interesting thing about them is that they are adjusted for online users. Therefore, they are easy to read when you go full screen. And most importantly, Lonny is a fount of ideas…trust me.

5. Scientific American

online scientific magazine

Why not start your day with something “scientific”? In my case, it’s a Scientific American magazine that I prefer more than its “competitor” – National Geographic. SciAm exists for more than 150 years as a monthly publication in the US. Yet, its online version is no worse than a journal itself. If you are willing to stay tuned to the latest updates in the scientific world, keep up with Scientific American as I do. This magazine can be interesting to anyone because of easy-to-read articles, infographics, photos and expert explanations to broaden your mind and make you a well-educated person.

6. Psychology today

online psychology magazine

If you are into psychology or at least have some interest in learning more about yourself, there is definitely something for you to find in a Psychology Today magazine. It’s a huge hub of articles written by expert psychologists, academics, psychiatrists and other scientists. Why teens get high? How men attract women? How to get motivated? … and much more topics that are directly related to our everyday lives. I always recommend this magazine to my friends and peers and oftentimes some of the articles become our favorite topics for discussion.

I hope every reader including you will find at least 1 useful online source for himself. I am still in the process of searching for something new and inspirational, so if you have some of your own favorite choices, I am ready for any recommendations. Just leave the comment below =)

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Faithfully yours,

Irene Kot


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My favorite one is Psychology today and it’s so nice that you included it in your list! I find out many handy tricks that help to keep calm, be confident, and build healthy relationship. I like your style. Your blog looks good 🙂