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The fact that there’s almost summer outside does not mean you better give up tempting job offers. Perhaps you have long dreamed of switching to a new company or opening your own business? I bet you will not make it without a high-quality professional resume.

Although we are living in a world where job search is done with the help of Facebook friends and statuses, a resume is still considered a must for a seriously-tuned applicant. The problem is some standard Word-based applications look super similar and this might not be enough to stand out.

So today I offer you to look at the popular paid and free resume builder reviews that I tested or even used some time ago myself. So if you know nothing about resume writing, such builders will help you create a solid job application document from scratch.

1. Skill-Roads skill-roads free resume builder

I’ll start with Skill-Roads free resume builder because it’s totally free. They share the information on how their system works and it’s an artificial intelligence that helps to build a strong resume. What I loved here is the lists of skills and professional highlights you can just add after choosing the industry and your professional level.

free resume builder


You don’t have to worry about formatting and structure. Though using any resume builder you should be aware that resume summary (objective) and your previous job descriptions are the sections that you are going to fill in with the personally written text. And it has to be really effective. I  have found the way out and ordered resume editing spending only $69. I saved more than $50 comparing to other writing services that could reach $200 and more.

2. CV Maker cv builder

This is a free resume service and one of its perks is stylish minimalism of templates and simplicity. You don’t have to sign up to start compiling your resume, but if you want to save one later, registering is a must.

Once you sign up, the user will have access to the original resume designer. All you need to do is fill in the standard blocks with your contact information, work experience, qualifications, education, interests, and recommendations. If you have anything else to let your employer know (for instance, mention your professional skills), the service allows you to add more units to the resume. The other advantage of CV Maker is that you can always change the position of those blocks and emphasize those things you need.

After you fill in all the necessary data, here comes the most interesting part – choosing one of the six templates to your taste. Afterward, you can save and download your resume in PDF, HTML and text formats.

3. Represent

resume builder represnt

Just like CV Maker, Represent is a very simple resume builder, where you’re offered to fill in the sections before getting to actual resume design. This helps to correct your text mistakes immediately.

In the next stage, you can choose between modern, classic and creative templates as well as their several color schemes. If necessary, there is an option to add your photo. As you complete your document, you not only get the resume file but also a link that automatically adapts to the device from which one is going to be opened. Finally, Represent allows you to track statistics of resume views.

Represent is not a free service – it charges you $10 per year for its services but you can try it free. Another insignificant advantage is the fact that all templates have your contacts displayed at the very bottom, although to my mind, such information must be placed above. Herewith, you can’t mention the proficiency level of your skills (including language skills) – those can be only listed.

4. EnhanCV enhan cv

Unlike the above-mentioned resume builders, EnhanCV editor provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) service, which means the added information is displayed instantly the way it should look like on a template.

You can see how much of the necessary data is already filled in. There are seven paid templates and only one for free.

Another interesting option is the ability to download some information from LinkedIn to your resume. The emerging tooltips help you increase the CV or resume effectiveness. EnhanCV allows to check the document on errors, as well as get feedback from experts.

The service fee is $10 for 1 template. This is quite a pricey service compared to ones above but there’s a free trial available. Some of the suggested color schemes and design elements of templates seem “too much” for a traditional resume format, although it’s a matter of everyone’s taste.

5. resume builder is a perfect option for those in need of a quickly-made minimalist resume. You only need to go through 3 major stages: filling in your information, edit your design (change the theme, fonts, reorder sections) and finally, save or print the document. Along as you go through those stages, you’ll be getting so-called reminders and hints to help you specify only relevant data and avoid anything else.

The builder has the same drawback as Represent when it comes to mentioning your proficiency level of skills – you can only list those. Also, I couldn’t export data from LinkedIn. The is a free editor, so don’t be surprised that there’s only 1 standard template to use.

6. Creddle


So if you are hunting for a better choice of templates, I recommend you to look at Creddle resume builder. Here you can select one of the 12 suggested templates with an option to edit the font size, the width of the column, and some color elements. This particular resume builder stands out among other things with almost unlimited editing capabilities, like adding all kinds of elements and adding information to the blocks. And … it’s absolutely free. You can also share a link to the resume and download one. So, just stop being lazy and try all these features.

The only thing that makes it inconvenient to work with the builder is too many drop-down windows.

End of the Line …

There are thousands of online resume builders and perhaps – I just haven’t tested ones. So if you found something more convenient, please share it with me and my readers in the comment section. I just saw people left nice Livecareer resume builder reviews, so you might want to check one out as well!

Lots of love

Irene K.

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