The Plank Challenge: Are YOU ready for Summer?

plank challenge 2017

One, two, three and June! Summer isn’t far off and we, ladies, should think about how our body will look in a bikini, shouldn’t we? Recently, my husband and I have started planning our summer vacation. The Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic… Lots of variants aroused during our conversation but one thing remains the same – my body must be perfect.

There are different types of bodily exercises but not every type of physical activity suits the Mom’s schedule. That’s why I started brainstorming different ways to stay fit. Gym? No. Group fitness? No. Jogging? No. What else?

After a couple of failed attempts, I finally managed to find the perfect body simulator. Eureka! It’s a plank. It doesn’t require much time, it’s not that complicated, and it really works. Advantages only!

So, I became a part of the plank challenge for beginners and now I want to familiarize you with this magic technique to kip fit!

What are Planks Good for?

Some of my friends underestimate the role of planks for our health. In vain. Just familiarize with these benefits for your health and think twice before ignoring doing this easy exercise:

  1. A cherished toned belly. How many of us are dreaming of the deep inner core muscles that are the main foundation of the long-awaited six-pack look? Still, it’s not enough to create abs – you need to work out and choose the localized approach.
  2. Flexibility. Yes, while we develop our strength, we also work on our flexibility in our posterior muscle groups.
  3. Improve your balance and posture. When you do a plank right, your abs also function right and it maintains your posture.
  4. Is good for your mood – it’s proven on my own experience! Yes, after doing a plank, I truly feel the energy and a good attitude.

Actually, I would never mention these facts if I didn’t experience them. Sometimes, when I see the photos on Instagram where women boast of their unbelievable results and beautiful bodies, I just think “That’s impossible”.

But now I understand that everything is possible if you truly want it. So, are you motivated enough to move on?

Planking Workout: Calling Challenge

So, I am going to confess: I’m far from sport, I don’t like working out but planking challenge made me pacify my laziness. I found different programs that help to develop this healthy habit. Honestly, some of them aren’t intended for the beginners, so, I won’t recommend them. But I managed to find a cool program, that won’t exhaust you as well as it didn’t exhaust me. Here it is:

plank challenge

So, I know how long should you hold a plank – you shouldn’t start with one minute – just follow this program and you will definitely reach outstanding results.

What if I am a Man?

I don’t know who spreads information that planks suit women only. Duh!  Such a ridiculous thing!

A morning of my husband starts with a plank and jog. Believe me, there is nothing better than these simple exercises! So, if you are a man, the plank is the best way to start your morning. Therefore, don’t follow these hilarious stereotypes. Your health is the priority, remember it.

Sometimes, it seems that blogging is a kind of sports activity. Firstly, you start picking up the outfit (brainstorming ideas, choosing the topic).

Secondly, you work out from day to day to reach your perfect shape (work on the article). Thirdly, you polish your post the same way you polish your body after time spent in a gym.

It’s only important to find the thing you truly enjoy doing and the same thing that brings result. I found myself in doing plank to keep fit. I truly hope that you will enjoy this simple exercise.

Share with me in comments your experience and your impressions from this activity. Irene Kot challenges you to the monthly plank workout. Let’s keep fit together!


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