Philosophy of Relationship: I Have the BEST Husband

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I don’t like women’s forums. Recently, I’ve decided to check out if my attitude to women’s forums is still the same. Yes. If we could omit all posts with questions and consultations, we would get forums of complaints:

“I’m fed up with this routine! I need a rest!”

“My daughter doesn’t listen to me. I can’t handle it”

“I’ve gained 5 kilos during holidays! No jeans suit me now”

Still, “husband issue” occupies a leadership position. But why?

I decided to analyze relationships basing on my own experience and I hope to turn your attention to the crucial things.

By the way, I’ve already written about 10 things that will make your husband happy! You should definitely include them in your relationship.

Who is at Fault?

You met a handsome, intelligent, attentive, and gallant man ready to be there for you 24/7. You said “I do” standing in front of the priest and you was the happiest woman ever. You’ve been definitely expecting a happy end but he screwed up your script.

Your husband forgets to bring you flowers, wash the dishes, and invite you to your favorite opera. But he is perfect. Yes, he is perfect!

Nobody is guilty of being himself or herself. The beginning of the relationship is always sweet but people have a bitter side that I prefer to call “reality”. If you aren’t ready to accept the reality, are you ready to accept the person with his amazing advantages?

In one of my favorite songs, John Legend said, “Cause all of me loves all of you, all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”. It’s time to fall in love with his perfect imperfections but how?

Change Your Attitude

relationships with my husband

You are the mistress of your mind. You are a Superwoman. But you can also start from the tiniest things. Start from noticing the only good things your husband makes daily. He kisses you every morning and lets you use a bathroom first. He makes a coffee and knows how many teaspoons of sugar you like. He makes a massage when you are exhausted. He always remembers about your mother’s birthday. He is funny and you blow up with laughter so funny his jokes are…

So many amazing things your husband does daily but you simply don’t notice them. You focus on the bad things that drive you crazy. Still, the nature of human’s psychology is that we program our brain to see and point out certain things.

So, change your mind and you will notice that you see only good things and ignore all bad things. It’s an amazing strategy that helped me and it will definitely help you!

Ladies, you are so strong. The best women read my blog and I know that you have the best husbands. I know that every husband can be the best.

Why do you think mother loves her child “slam-bang”? She gave so much love, energy, and time to him, that she can’t love him less. A mother sees the best of her child, she is ready to work on the relationship, she is ready to find compromises and reasonable solutions.

You don’t have to be a mother for your husband. You should find the enthusiasm to work on your marriage. Everything is more complicated in marriage than it used to be a couple of years ago. But if you want to enjoy your marriage, if you want to have the best husband and feel satisfaction, you should adjust yourself to the positive thinking!

I know that you will manage to do it, as the best reward will wait for you!

Ladies, tell me please about your relationship with your husband, what difficulties you face and how you overcome them? Looking forward to getting your feedback!:)

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