Stay at Home Mom vs. Working Mom – What to Choose?

working vs stay at home mom

Stay at home or start looking for a job – this is a pressing dilemma of all Moms in the decree. I know how complicated this choice is. I know dozens of Moms, who still can’t make the right decision. So, you aren’t alone in this problem. The solution won’t come itself. There are 5 crucial things to consider. In fact, there are more important factors, which are individual. Thus, consider the following 5 things before looking for a job or giving up on work.

Brief Overview of the Issue

Working vs. stay at home mom is an issue that has been always worrying me. I made a research and was shocked with the outcome!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 5.6 million Moms in 2005 after a child birth decided to stay at home. This is 22% higher than in 1994.

The statistic shows that nowadays mothers keep on being a part of the stay-at-home buzz. The dissonance in my head. I’m not encouraging you to enter the career path as a Mom. Still, I am sure that making the right choice is possible after considering the following issues.

   1. Money

I won’t stress the importance of money for the green family. The role of finances is obvious. So, before staying at home, think whether you will manage to accept the significant loss of money. Yes, you can work part time. Yes, you can launch your own business but it will take time before you will receive substantial revenue.

So, if you are a single mother or you aren’t satisfied with the family income, don’t burn bridges with your employer. It’s important to have a real source of income. Of course, if you can rely on your husband or parents and your child is the only priority, you can give up on a job.

 2. Personal Satisfaction

Remember one thing – your child will never be happy and satisfied unless you aren’t happy and satisfied. So, when it comes to transitioning from working to stay at home Mom, it’s important to push off from your inner feelings. If you feel like you have to go and work and be a modern ‘businessmom’, or become resume writer apply for your dream job! Your child will definitely feel your irritation with a lifestyle that doesn’t suit you!

The same thing when you want to stay at home. You should stay with your child if you really want it and financial circumstances of your family allow you to!

 4. Your Special One

Stay at home Mom versus working Mom issue directly relates to your husband, who a priori should support you. My special one gave me the right of choice and accepted my choice before I even made it. Still, the inner life of every family differs. Obviously, you should consider the husband’s opinion but you shouldn’t accept it unless it contravenes yours. If you can’t find a tradeoff, try a trial period and show that your choice doesn’t harm the family.

No matter which way you choose, keep your house clean making the top cleaning products list.

 5. Network

Doesn’t matter what choice you will make, find a network, which will support you. Let it be your colleagues or group of other Moms. Relaxed and distracted babble with your girlfriends or small talks with your colleagues is something that every Mom needs.

If you are going to become an odd man out in your workplace, it’s better to stay at home. I’m sure that this is the case when leaving your comfort zone isn’t the best option.

You must feel like a fish in the water – that is the guarantee of the positive attitude and happy child.

 6. Outside Factors – Employer

How your employer treats the working parents will say a lot about your comfort in the working place. I heard stories when the working process became unbearable due to the steady faultfinding of the employer. If you adjust yourself to work after a child birth, you must talk to your recruiter or find a new job with a flexible attitude to the working Moms. I know how difficult it’s to manage your schedule when you are a Mom on the first stages. Thus, consider all possible variants even before the child birth.

Working vs. stay at home mom is a dilemma, which struck me too. I managed to consider the aforementioned issues and make the right decision. This choice will define your nearest future but remember that you can always change our life. The one thing must remain stable – your happiest child as a number one goal.

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November 30, 2016 9:04 pm

I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!

Irene Kot
Irene Kot
Irene Kot
December 7, 2017 8:04 pm
Reply to  Kiersten

Thank you so much!