Spring Skincare Tips: Let Your Skin Glow!

scin care for spring

Spring is in the air! Wanna say hello to all my readers and salute spring!

Too many posts on my Instagram are devoted to this beautiful time of the year but I can’t stop smiling when I hear the birdsongs and smell the greenery awakening.

I’m full of energy to conquer my new peaks and take part into new challenges, which I will reveal soon! I hope your attitude is the same as winter sleep affected everyone! Let’s wake up from the drowsy lazy winter days and enjoy the sun!

The one thing that drives me crazy about spring is the state of my skin. Every March I fight with imperfections of my skin: dryness, peeling, rashes, and uneven complexion. Unfortunately, it’s not the problem that could be removed by MAC photo editor. I spent a lot of time and money to find my top beauty cosmetic products and procedures that really work.

So many offers on the market and we – women – tend to choose the cosmetic products randomly. I want to change this approach and devote this first spring post to the spring skincare! So, ladies, let’s care about our precious skin!

Step One: Clearance

The first and one of the most crucial step for the skin care in spring is clearance. Fatty creams, tons of concealer, everyday makeup – all this is our everyday routine that depletes our skin.

The best way to clean our skin is to scrub it. I regularly attend professional cosmetician but I also don’t neglect home-made-procedures – it’s affordable, easy, and effective.

REMEMBER! If you are an owner of the dry skin, you can use scrub ONLY after using a nutrient mask. The coffee scrub is my favourite.

And, by the way, your teeth need professional cleaning too, that’s why check my latest article about best dental plans.

Firstly, I am a coffee-addicted person. Secondly, I see the result. My skin becomes soft and the complexion evens – mmm I enjoy its state after the coffee scrub.

I’ve heard about the outstanding traits of the activated carbon scrubs and its effect on the comedones but, honestly, I haven’t checked it on my face.

One thing I’ve discovered is that the difference between the running and boiled water for our skin is hugeee!

Ladies, don’t be lazy – prepare a decoction of herbs of chamomile or mint and wash your face a couple of times a week.

Speaking of clearance, you should exclude cosmetics with alcohol – it only irritates your skin and leads to peeling.

Step 2: Nutrition and Hydration

You know, I used to think that if I have an oily skin, I mustn’t pay too much attention to the nutrition of my skin.

I’m sure I am not alone in such approach to skin care. So, I want to emphasize the importance of the nutrition and hydration for EVERY type of the skin.

Here are my top 3 basic and simple tips to hydrate your skin:

  1. Drink the max amount of liquid. It’s commonly known that 2 liters of water per day are a daily norm but not every person can embody it. So, you should ask your doctor about your daily water norm and stick to it.
  2. Don’t forget to humidify the air in the room.
  3. And the last one – pick up the cosmetic products for your SKIN TYPE (it means that cosmetics for dry skin can’t be used for oily skin, deal?).

I shouldn’t mention that your cosmetic bag must contain day and night cream that you have to use daily, right?

Step 3: The Most Important

I can talk about skincare day and night but I know that you, my ladies, know lots of secrets. Still, there are two more secrets that you can’t ignore – responsible approach and positive attitude.

Without responsibility and positive attitude, it’s impossible to reach outstanding results.

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