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choosing solar panels

Hello, my dear Mammies! Sorry for a gap in my blog. Last days were truly stressful for me. You know, I’m not the type of the person, who complains, especially in her blog BUT.

But a couple of days ago, right when I decided to write a blog about a healthy diet for postpartum women, our solar panels broke down. It was kinda mmm unexpectedly, you know. My husband was off for a work and I was forced to deal with it on my own.

The outcome of the story is successful, though I had to tense up. But not about me now. After a couple of stressful days, I realized the importance of the quality solar panels. Yes, they are green and environmentally friendly, they are easy in use and affordable but when you face substandard items, all these advantages fade.

So, if you are going to buy solar panels for your home, you must read today’s blog. Believe me, a person, who faced with solar panels and their issues personally, will give you better advice than any solar panels company that wants to palm off their products. Wanna save a planet? Learn to save your money first!

1. Things to Consider: Material

I know that price is usually the first criteria of the choice. Still, don’t rush to purchase the most affordable variant. My husband and I used to apply to three companies until we finally found the best solar panels company. “Seems that it hit their pocket” you’ll think. Yes, it hit. So, don’t step on the same rake and consider my recommendations.

The material is an important thing that you have to consider before purchasing solar panels. There are two main and well-known types of material – crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon alloy. Experts consider solar panels from silicon alloy to be better and I agree with them. I agree with experts because we had fewer problems with items made of silicon alloy.

Experts say that solar panels made of amorphous silicon alloy are lighter, sturdier, thinner, and have higher work productivity. Well, I said almost the same.

By the way, I’ve heard about portable solar panels, which are also made of silicon alloy. Does anyone use such panels? I know they are especially handy while travelling.

Though, if there is too much sun in your room, choose roman shades that make your living comfortable.

2. Things to Consider: Type of Solar Cells

This might be the last thing to consider by us but it’s still important. The efficiency of the whole system in part depends on the cell’s material.

There are three types of solar cells: monocrystalline silicone, polycrystalline silicone, and amorphous silicon cells. While all of them are good, amorphous silicon cells offer the highest conversion efficiency and are made from the fewest amount of silicon.

The efficiency of all these variants is high. We have used both cells of monocrystalline and amorphous silicone. Honestly, I didn’t notice any principal difference. Still, my husband insisted on the high productivity and the outstanding quality of the amorphous silicon cells. Who knows where the truth is – I didn’t argue.

3. Things to Consider: the Main Thing

Yes, speaking about the first thing people usually mention is “affordable price”. I know, my dear ladies, that you read this article and wanted finally get the answer to the question how much are solar panels for your home.

In fact, solar panels for your home cost differs and depends on:

  1.  Size of the solar panels;
  2. Company and its own prices policy;
  3. Longevity of the system;
  4. Material and quality;
  5. Certifications.

The better or the larger the aforementioned factors are, the higher the price is. Our last solar panels cost $4500. The guarantee on the system will last for 25 years. Actually, I can’t say that it’s extremely affordable or vice versa sky-high offer. I’m satisfied with the quality and there are fewer troubles with the system than with previous variants.

I know most of the companies allow paying in installments or applying for a loan. It’s a great option, especially when the price is high. Yes, saving a planet can hit the pocket. But it’s a noble deed and your grandchildren will thank you.

Save the planet with Irene Kot! See you 😉

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