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Did you know that Indeed itself offers 23,634 marketing jobs? In New York. Currently. Honestly, I was surprised.

As a blogger (I will dare to call myself this way), I know the value of the good marketing. In the world of the high competition, choosing the right marketing strategy can help to get around the competitors and reach the success.

The marketing phenomenon is spreading all over the world. Social media is gaining the power just like the Lord Voldemort did. Will it reach its climax and remain in the first positions? I think yes. But today I will put off the reflections and give you a piece of the useful information that you can use in the real life.

I conducted a little research and found out about the top 5 high-paid marketing jobs and the companies that pay hundreds of dollars to the outstanding specialists. Already thinking about the career change? 🙂 Just overcome laziness and let’s see what the marketing sphere can offer!

The Phenomenon of the Marketing Conquest

When I started discovering this issue, I found out that social media marketing has 100% higher lead-to-close rate than an outbound marketing (TV, radio, and print ads such as newspaper, magazine advertisements, catalogs, brochures, etc).

I can also explain this tendency. People, business, private and government services are gradually moving online. Let’s not take into account the humanity itself. Let’s take into account YOU. Have ever tried to count how much time do you spend on social media daily?

According to the, an average person spent on social media about 135 minutes per day in 2017. The time is steadily growing:

statistics of social media jobs

Does it mean we should reduce the time spent on social media? For sure. But it also means that as our life focuses on the Internet, the competition between those, who offer or sell something, gets higher.

That’s why social media marketing is a VERY important factor in the way of success.

I don’t know what attracts you in this sphere – opportunities, professional growth, money, etc. (by the way, share with me your thoughts in comments) – but you are about to meet the tempting opportunities. Let’s discover them!

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Top Social Media Management Jobs

My list is based on the research:

  1. International Marketing Executive

With an average salary of $282,000, the international marketing executive has to organize international marketing policies, objectives, and initiatives. If you are dreaming of this job, you have to track the marketing trends, find out about any changes in this field, evaluate the situation in your company, and adjust the international marketing plan according to it.

Here is a brief job statistic from

salary for social media jobs


  1. Top Channel Development Executive

The main task of the top channel development executive lies in evaluating marketing pros and embedding them to boost the revenue. For this job, you must possess a marketing experience, analytical skills, and flexibility. For your work, you might earn $267,200.

Check out if you are a good fit:

entry level social media jobs salary

  1. Top Marketing Executive

The duties of the top marketing executive with an average salary of $244,400 are the adjustment of the company to the marketing trends and picking up the right marketing strategies. They mostly focus on the digital projects.

Another brief statistics:

smm jobs salary

By the way, if you want to get inspired, check out the list of America’s highest-paid marketing executives made by Forbes 🙂

Now I want to focus on the remote social media jobs. We all want to stay at home and earn a lot of money being flexible. The marketing sphere can offer you something.

High-Paid Social Media Jobs from Home

Here is my top three of the interesting work from home social media jobs that you can occupy:

1. Social Media Evaluator

The social media evaluator is a person, who tracks the interaction on the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). All kinds of interaction are welcome: sharing, commenting, and of course, “likes”. If there is no interaction, the SMM must change the strategy. Check the list of IT job search sites to find more.

2. Community Marketing Manager

As a community marketing manager, you will be responsible for the challenges and achievements of the different community projects for marketing and blog posts. You will also create regular newsletters. This process requires copywriting, editing, and design skills. Some companies require community marketing managers creating promotions. 

3. Digital Marketing Automation Specialist

The next person that deals with marketing campaigns, emails, landing pages, etc. is a digital marketing automation specialist. This position requires excellent digital skills (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript knowledge) and conditional logic skill. You will need these skills to deal with complex automation programs and Eloqua 10 marketing automation system.

Phew, I needed time to figure these terms out 🙂 but now I’m much more skilled in this sphere (the day wasn’t a total loss).

If you want to occupy the jobs in social media, you should be passionate and crazy about this sphere and be full of ideas. I would recommend you to try yourself in social media marketing because it’s steadily growing and this tendency will remain stable.

By the way, are there any social media marketers reading me? 🙂


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