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Hi, ladies! How many working Moms read me? I hope that a great number of working Moms or Moms, who are going to become job seekers, is a huge part of my audience. So, I thought that there are too many articles about home and parenting for my business ladies. I have already posted a couple of articles dedicated to resume and nursing cover letter.

I remember that I recommended you reliable and trustworthy application papers writers. Still, not every person can afford professional writing. So, I managed to find a great solution – you can edit it!

Yes, you can edit your resume. You can do it with the help of the professional resume editing services (what would be cheaper) or do it independently.

What, how, and where? I will try to give the answers to these questions in my new post. Ready? Let’s go.

Way Number One: Resume Editing Online

Ladies, I would like you to know that professional editing doesn’t mean sky-high prices. Yes! It’s possible to find a qualified resume editor and get your paper improved for a reasonable price.

I guess I’ve already mentioned Resume Writing Lab – the leading resume writing company in the USA.

On the example of this company, I’m going to prove that the difference between resume writing and editing is quite substantial.

So, you can order resume for $120 or edit it for $80. We get $40 savings – quite reasonable, isn’t it? So, professional editors (if they are qualified) are a good option when you have got extra hundred of bucks.

Unfortunately, experts’ attitude to the resume writers is uncertain. Some of them support this handy option while others don’t. When I was an active job seeker, I applied to a couple of the professional writing companies. My experience was positive – that’s why I recommend this way to you.

Speaking of the professional resume editing or writing services, I would like to know about your experience! Looking forward your replies in comments!

Way Number Two: Edit Your Resume Independently

Resume editing services are a good option but some of us can’t afford them. I agree, the job search is a costly process and I know that most of us dream of getting rid of it as soon as possible. I guess, no, I am sure that a well-organized, quality, almost flawless resume can hasten it.

Are you sure that your resume can qualify for your dream job? No? Then you can edit it like a professional resume editing service! Just follow these crucial steps:

1)    Remove inappropriate information. Yes, recruiters hate facing inappropriate information! If you apply to the social worker position, you shouldn’t mention all your great Math or Chemistry skills, athletic achievements, and ability to work in 1C. It’s cool but you don’t need it (so either your potential recruiter).

2)    Don’t be afraid to sell your skills. It might sound odd but it shouldn’t offend you. Selling your skills is a requirement of the job search (a so-called unwritten rule). Just consider the list of your skills and rephrase it in the way that would influence the decision of the recruiter. He must think “I need her!”

3)    No mistakes at all! I shouldn’t have written it as it’s “sooo obvious and boring” BUT job seekers keep on making mistakes in their resumes and it’s a fact. Girls, there are so many free programs such as Grammarly or Hemingway! Why don’t you use them? Still, most of them have got advanced offers (it means paid). So, don’t forget to check out your resume independently and thoroughly.

What should you remember after reading this post? Not that much.

Don’t forget that resume editing service won’t always spoil your resume. Professional online resume editing is safe and handy, especially right before deadlines.

You are a good and qualified editor. Don’t forget to improve your resumes independently – just be attentive. Good luck on your way to the dream job!

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