Great Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby

reasons for breastfeeding

I always defend breastfeeding and I thank God for the opportunity to feed my both kids with a breast. Still, many of my friends and pals make choice in a favor of baby food. I decided to tell sincerely about my experience and my vision on breastfeeding and I hope that some of you will change the decision.

Breastfeeding has so many benefits and I would like to tell about some of them. By the way, what’s your attitude to breastfeeding? Please, share your experience with me in comments.

Breastfeeding is Natural

Regardless of whether you are going to breastfeed or not, the production of breast milk will still take place. By the end of the gestation period, the mammary glands produce colostrum, which soon turns into milk. The hormone prolactin, which our organism produces immediately after birth, is responsible for this.

Nature has given this gift to you. Why don’t you want to take it and be grateful? Breastfeeding is a natural process. Mothers in all epochs, even in the animal world, feed their babies with their milk!

Scientist proved that breastfeeding leads to cognitive development and it could be the first step to bringing up children-bilinguals.

Breastfeeding is Easy and Frugal

breastfeeding leads to


I faced premature birth. So, I had no time to purchase some things. Eventually, I realized that it all turned out to my advantage. When I reconsidered my shopping list (I have already written about irreplaceable lists for our lives), I understood that I would buy much useless stuff.

Breastfeeding “frees” you from purchasing such things as sterilizer and bottle warmer, bottles, nipples, as well as the baby food itself. The price on the quality baby food is sky-high. Whatever you will choose, it will hit your pocket. So, breastfeeding is 100% frugally.

Now let’s speak of the convenience. Anytime, anywhere, you can calm your baby down and feed it. Milk of the right temperature, in the right amount, sterile and so tasty! You can walk for hours outdoors or visit your friends without being worried about the breeding issue. If you worry about feeding your baby on the street, then you can find special places for it or purchase sling – a cool device that helps to feed a baby outdoors, carry it around and even do something around the house.

Night feeding also becomes easier. You don’t need to rush, wash and warm bottles, sterile them while a child is crying demanding a food. You will just breastfeed and continue sleeping.

Mother’s Milk – Key to Mother’s and Child’s Health


Breastfeeding provides significant protection against gastroenteritis, respiratory infections and ear infections in infancy. Mother’s milk prevents further development of cancer, childhood diabetes and reduces the risk of allergies. Milk contains valuable antibodies that help strengthen the immune system.

Breastfeeding is also beneficial for you. Moms, who breastfed, are much less likely to face breast cancer before menopause. Breastfeeding promotes the production of hormones that help you to relax during feeding. An invisible thread connects you with a child – these are unbelievable moments of joy and harmony. The child is more calm and peaceful.

The baby quickly calms down during feeding. In the period of the first feeding, when the teeth begin to erupt, sometimes milk is the only thing that a baby wants. My son fell ill when he was 8 months old, and he refused to eat anything except my milk. I saw that he feels better near me, eating my milk. Children tend to cope easier with viral infections if they were breastfed.

When breastfeeding is “organized”, it brings only positive, unforgettable emotions.

Time runs out and the time of breastfeeding will quickly pass. Believe me, there will be only pleasant memories and an invisible connection with your baby!

You have to decide what you prefer. Whatever decision you make, this will be the right decision. If you categorically don’t want to breastfeed, then don’t force yourself – it will be beneficial neither for you nor for your baby.

Wish you good luck and let the breastfeeding be your unforgettable experience.

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