How to Plan the Best Party in 3 Steps

party planning

I’m not the party animal. I wasn’t a party animal in my youth: I used to avoid so-called big nights, alcohol marathons, and photos that make you blush next morning. Still, I realized an important thing – a good party is about gathering your friends or family together, creating a good atmosphere, having fun, being around, and creating fond memories.

Now, we enjoy spending time together: let it be someone’s birthday, anniversary, any other special occasion or simple nights out. And the best part of it is planning. Yes, I like planning parties and preparing to them. Don’t you? Then familiarize with my well-developed tested guideline of the perfect party!

Step 1: Collect Your Thoughts

Understand WHERE you want to set a party. Is it going to be a big event or cozy sit-downs? Do you want to go out or stay at home? If you want to spend time somewhere out, I would recommend you to make a reservation. It’s always a good idea.

Pick up the date when everyone will have an opportunity to come. Weekends are the best idea but make sure that none of your guests planned a vacation.

The most interesting part for me – deciding the theme. It’s especially appropriate when you plan children’s party. In such occasions, I turn to their favorite cartoons, TV programs, books, and interests. The last party we made for Bogdan was a pirate party and it was super cool! Mostly, I don’t use any theme at all – it’s just great to invite all your friends and have a cup of tea. Don’t forget to plan a home clean up before inviting friends;)

After that, you should plan your guest list. Take into account that not everyone enjoys dancing and listening to a loud music, not everyone likes spicy food, and not everyone wants to stay at home. Try to adjust your party to the interests of your guests – making everybody feel comfortable is your key to a successful party.

How to Plan a Party with a Budget

You can allocate different budget for your party. You should think beforehand about what you must purchase. Divide your costs into several sections: food, decoration, animation/entertainment, other. I plan a budget when I understand what the party will look like and what I need.

If you have financial issues, you can invite your friends to a potluck party. Tea and handmade cupcakes won’t hit your pocket and a good atmosphere will create an amazing evening.

The last step before preparation itself is invitations. I prefer to talk to my guests personally – it’s faster and we will fix details right away. If it’s a party for a special occasion, sending invitations would be a good idea.

Step 2: Food, Music, and Entertainment – Important

Food and drinks make a significant contribution toward a good party. If it’s a tea party, then different cupcakes, sweets, candies, gingerbread cookies, fruit and, berries would be suitable. By the way, a tasty trend – cake pops – will be the star attraction!

plan party food

Safe bets of your party are finger foods (chips, veggies, mini sandwiches, pretzels, popcorn, cheese, and crackers). Make sure that there are both alcohol and soft drinks.

I pay great attention to music that will create atmosphere and mood of the party. Usually, I choose a deep house or instrumental guitar music that acts as a neutral background for the party. If it’s a birthday party, I prefer modern or Spanish music. If you can’t choose a playlist, you can simply turn on radio or MTV channels.

You can check my other Birthday celebration ideas.

Lightning and decorations are the final touches of the preparations. Choose unobtrusive lighting such as luminaries and garden flashlights that create a cozy evening atmosphere. If you plan to dance, fancy disco lights that you can rent in the holiday agencies are the best decision.

If you don’t plan to dance, then you should prepare some activity as communication is good but during parties, it’s cool to have fun. The Internet is full of such games but I prefer to purchase them in the markets.

Step 3: Let’s Get it Started!

You are the one, who creates the attitude of the party and the comfort of the guests. You should be nice and smile to your guests. Try to give attention to each guest. If you see that someone feels lonely, try to involve him to the party, introduce him to the right company, for instance.

Take pictures. Don’t you want to place a new picture on your Facebook?

A good idea would be to give a little present to your guests when they leave. A piece of cake, a cupcake, or a Polaroid photo card is a great solution. If your party was successful, you will definitely understand it!

I hope that my guideline was useful to you! Leave a comment about the best or the worst party in your life!


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