Fresh Ideas to Make Your Home Decor Pinterest Perfect

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If you scroll through Pinterest pages, you may think that “Pinterest house” is the most beautiful in the world. Pinterest reports that there are over 14 billion ideas of home décor.

First, it seems that the only décor elements Pinterest may propose are open shelves, marble, and brass hardware. Yet, there are many other décor suggestions that don’t include the elements we have mentioned above. If you are looking for home decorating ideas in 2018, Pinterest can help you. Read on to see which trends rule Pinterest home décor in 2018.

No Closet

open closet ideas

The absence of a closet is the nightmare for many of us. However, there is no reason to wake up in fear every night because Pinterest can propose you a smart solution for your room. Try one of these home decorations Pinterest ideas and forget about the inconvenience. Such open shelves with hanger rods will force you to organize your wardrobe in the right way because it will be an essential part of your bedroom decor.

Lift Up Your Bed

There is no sense to slide rates or boxes underneath that are visible through your bed shirt. Better use a storage platform that is located under your mattress. It is a perfect place to hold sweaters that you usually hold in shelves.

Coffee Bar Command Center

Pinterest Coffee Bar

Nowadays, people are obsessed with making a coffee corner command center complete with to-do lists, bulletin boards, and coffee. In this corner, you can also put a note board and necessary pick-me-up tools.

Also, make sure you know how to make an excellent coffee even if you don’t have a coffee maker.

Use Your Corner

It is not beautiful to stuff your chair into the corner. Better hang a go-to dress. It will help you show off your best clothes pride. The corner can be a perfect place for building shelves, making a coffee station, hanging a chair, make a gallery wall, add a plant. There is also an idea for Pinterest home offices – make a command station in the corner, that can comprise of a table with the computer, a board and many useful storages for documents.

Panty Styling and Organization

pantry organization ideas

If you are convinced that styling your panty is a stupid idea, better change your mind. If you put your food in reusable containers, they will not just stay fresh but will make your cupboard more organized as well. To make it look prettier, use wallpaper bins. You can also hang a shower organizer in the kitchen to store fruit and vegetables there.

Create an Ergonomic Home Office

This point of home decorating Pinterest can be too practical but useful as well. If you are working remotely, you can look at the home office ideas Pinterest. These pictures will show you the ways to make your home office cozy and nice. Yet, you shouldn’t forget about the ergonomics as well. Your health and welfare are more important than the fancy design.

If you are sitting at the front of your computer all the day long, you should choose a task chair that can make your life simpler. They should be truly kind to your back and spine. Such home office Pinterest is the perfect option that combines coziness and comfortability.

Decide on the Home Office Color

pinterest home office color

Pinterest home office can demonstrate you which colors suit your working place best. Note that color psychology is real, and some colors elicit physical and emotional reactions. The green color is supposed to be neutral, it adds vitality and coziness to homes and home offices. Yellow helps grab attention, while grey and white will not distract you from working and can be combined with energy and vitality colors.

Did you like this Pinterest home decor ideas? If you have tried some of these things or want to share some more with us, you are welcome to write comments below. If you have a „Pinterest home”, you are welcome to describe it to me and other readers.

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