Ideas for Personalized Gifts for Kids

Ideas for Personalized Gifts

Okay, moms,  holiday shopping is in its full swing and you still haven’t decided on a gift for your kiddos. When it comes to my children, I take the gift shopping quite serious.  I know how desperate my two kids are waiting for this magical moment when they finally open up their wrappers to see their presents.

Each year choosing gifts for Bogdan gets even harder. Every time there has to be something new and creative. Yes, there is always an option for typical toys, books, board games, clothing, and socks. But seriously, leave these ideas to your family members who always participate in your annual gifts exchange, because that’s probably what they’ll go for. You, as a parent, should make it special and meaningful. As for me, a personalized gift is one of the best gift ideas, and here is why.

Why Choosing a Personalized Gift This Year?

  • It creates a memory. Yes, whichever gift it is, it’s already a memory. But personalization makes your present even more memorable.
  • It shows a child that you care. Personalized gifts are not so easy to purchase, as it would be with lots of same looking toys or gadgets in your local shopping centre. It requires more of your creativity and time. Children from 6 years old can already feel this personal touch
  • No risk that a child would get the same gift. Have you ever got the same or very similar gifts from two different persons? While adults may bring it all to a joke, the kids’ reaction to such a plot twist is totally unexpected. To avoid this situation, opt for a personalized gift.
  • It stands out from other typical gifts. How many times some of the gifts were stored somewhere on the back shelves waiting for “their time to come”? Most of them either remained unused or were re-gifted lately. That’s why those parents who want their next present to be special, choose personalized gifts.

In general, kids of all ages love the idea of having some personalized items. Surely, personalized gifts for kids under 10 differ from the ones you would choose for a teenager but the fact still remains. Such presents work not only with your own kids but also as a present for your grandchildren, nephews, nieces etc. A pink handbag with embroidered initials for a girl or a backpack with his own printed name for a boy – this is all that you need to make any child feel special. This post is about presents for kids though there are also awesome ideas for adults, a personalized book with raw food diet recipes can be a nice gift for people who take care of their health.

Best Ideas for Personalized Gifts

Ideas for Personalized Gifts

If you think all of the personalized gifts are quite expensive because they are usually handmade, I would totally doubt it. There are websites and shops selling affordable personalized items that will make a great present for a kid. Just dig through some options on the Internet– some online stores offer great holiday discounts now. Here are several personalized gift ideas you can purchase for children of a different age:

  1. Soft toy inspired by kid’s artwork;
  2. A Soft toy version of a kid;
  3. A blanket or cushions with the kid’s name;
  4. Family Portrait Figurines (porcelain or wooden);
  5. Personalized piece of jewellery (pendant, bracelet or ring);
  6. A customized mug;
  7. Personalized stationery (a pen with graven initials, notebook with the kid’s portrait on the cover etc.)
  8. A portrait in a frame;
  9. Any piece of clothing item or accessory with embroidered initials or printed name on it;
  10. A custom yoga mat;
  11. Personalized watch;
  12. Any piece of item (ball, jersey, poster) signed with an autograph of a famous athlete (for sports lovers);
  13. Custom towels, bathrobes and many many more…

So, have you decided with your kid’s present already? To be honest, I still haven’t. My husband already bought a remote control car for Bogdan and a miniature pony for Solomia, while I consider of cute personalized sweatshirts with the kids’ names on them.

With love,

Irene K.


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