Personal Loan Affiliate Program: Is it possible to Earn Money?

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I noticed that marketing becomes more and more sophisticated and complicated every year. It’s getting difficult to attract the potential customers and gain an audience. Therefore, marketers brainstorm new and effective ways to boost the views and products through the marketing tricks and tools.

Affiliate program. I know you all heard about them. If you have a financial blog, a website, a social media page with the active and large audience, you can drop a word and a link to a website, eCommerce store, service, etc. When a person uses your link to enter a website and purchases the goods or services, you get a commission.

The commission (and the requirements as well) varies. Some companies offer 10% commission, while others, more generous, will pay up to 50% commission.

Today, I want to speak about a new trend among the affiliate programs, namely, about personal loan affiliate program. There is not much information about it on the Internet but I managed to find Profitner loan affiliate network.

Payday Loan Affiliate Program Rules

So, there are services that issue personal loans or act as mediators, who match the lender with a borrower. Probably, you have already applied to one of them. The competition in this market segment is high and the owners turn to a working way to draw clients.

They offer program members to earn commissions when they refer people to the loan service. If the person you refer to the services fills in the application form, meets the qualifying requirements, and gets funded, you, as a program member, get a commission. Some companies also accept the phone calls but they are too hard to track.

So, I would recommend you to take part in those programs, that track the “views” and “purchases” with the help of affiliate links.

You create your own profile where you can check out the purchases made through your unique link.

How much You can earn and How to Boost Your Income

I visited several websites that offer personal loan affiliate program and that offer up to $10,000 profit if you join their affiliate program. Lying? Hmm… Let’s see.

According to an independent survey conducted by Rakuten Affiliate Network, 90% of the business owners claimed that affiliate programs turned out to be one of the most important segments of their marketing strategy. The majority of publishers said that participation in the affiliate programs brought up to 20% of their annual revenue.

Another survey conducted by VigLink brought me a little bit closer to the exact numbers or how much can you really earn on affiliate marketing. So, just take a look at these numbers:

  1. 9% earned more than $50,000 in 2016.
  2. 65% (the majority) said they earned between 5% and 20% of their annual revenue from affiliate programs.
  3. 60% of those with the largest revenues dedicated much time to the affiliate marketing and have been participating in such programs for at least 5 years. So, the time spent in this sphere and the time dedicated means a lot.

In fact, even if you have a blog with hundreds of subscribers, you still should dedicate much time to promote the article with an active link or the page with a banner or a popup window to attract the targeted audience.

I talked to the active participant in the payday loan affiliate program – Angela Stein – and she revealed a couple of secrets that will help you to succeed in affiliate marketing.

I was so far from the banking industry, finances, and economy, in general. Once I stopped at the bright and attractive banner on the friend’s blog. It led me to the lender connecting service, which I, actually, looked for. She told me about personal loan affiliate program and I decided to try. The most important thing is to gather the right audience – people, who are interested in the banking industry and finances, students, who might need a student loan, young families looking for a mortgage, etc. A good thing about this narrow field is that everyone might need a financial assistance and you will direct a person.

Where to find Loan Affiliate Program? I haven’t heard my friends participate in any of the affiliate programs that they could recommend. Still, I just Google home loan affiliate program and found dozens of results! I guess that you should choose according to the reputation of the company. If you trust the company, you can trust its affiliate program!

I hope that this information was useful for you! Leave me a comment if it was 🙂 Thank you for the attention.

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