Perfectionism: Is It Always Necessary to Be 100% Perfect?

Dark Side of Perfectionism

Ridiculously, a perfect person isn’t that good and my experience only proves it.

Perfectionism… What a word! On the surface, perfectionism is a must-have of the today’s person. If you want to succeed, you should do your job better than others, you should stand out. On the other hand, perfectionism has its drawbacks.

Today, I would like to look at this term from different angles and consider both its pros and cons. Ready?

Dark Side of Perfectionism

It’s me or nobody. Usually, perfectionists refuse any kind of the help. They tend to think that nobody will do it better than they. What do we see in the result? They bear the unbearable burden and, what is more hilarious, carry it on! They are completely exhausted but they keep on doing something that takes their strength, health, and enthusiasm away.

They might do a good job but the issue of satisfaction and happiness is relegated to the last plan.

I will do it later

People with a Hermione Granger syndrome often tend to postpone tasks and goals just because they think that they won’t do them perfectly. They tend to wait until the best time will come but the best time might never come.

Therefore, some good things are passing by the timid perfectionists.

Double-check it!

In most cases, perfectionists need more time to complete the project just because they prefer to check everything, then double-check it, and check it for the last time. The speed of their work usually suffers from their over-responsibility and fanatical desire to do it better. While it might be good for a scientist at the threshold of discovery, it won’t help a wife with multiple duties.

Health Issues

In the pursuit of a beauty, women all over the world go under the surgeon’s knife. They all want to reach the ideal, they all want to be perfect. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that they will never be 100% satisfied with their appearance but once you start, it’s too difficult to stop.

Everyone knows that surgery without a serious reason (health problem) is very harmful to our organism!

A woman obsessed with her appearance always feels a stress because trying to reach a perfection, she wastes too much time and strength but the perfection remains unreachable.

Negative Impact of the Circle

I bet that you know those “perfect Mommies” that make their kids attend dozens of clubs and athletics after reading “clever Mommies books”. At some point, they want to fulfill their own goals that they didn’t manage to fulfill when they were younger.

As the result, I see poor exhausted children that only want to mothers listen to their kids and play with friends.

You also know those “perfect housewives” that go crazy if you leave a glass in the living room or don’t take off your shoes when entering their crystal-clear house. I saw them. And I know that it’s impossible to enjoy the moment until all work is done.

People around consider them unbearable because the major part of their conversations they hear rebukes, call-downs, and haunting moralizing.

My Own Vision of Perfectionism

You might think that I consider perfectionism to be an evil. Of course, no. Perfectionism is an amazing quality when you don’t exaggerate. The obsessive idea of making everything 100% perfect will definitely destroy your harmony and peace.

Isn’t it bad to have a clean and fresh house? No. But you shouldn’t dedicate the entire days and strength to a home cleanup. You can try a Fly Lady technique – divide your house into zones and dedicate some time of the day to clean them. Plus, you should let your family help you. Yes, they might not do everything ideally but you will spend time together and save it to have a rest. Together again.

The right to be imperfect

Yes, you should define a couple of tasks that you want to do 100% perfect but you should feel comfortable while doing it. If something is unbearable, try to compromise yourself.

For instance, your number one goal is to keep fit after pregnancy. You can start attending a gym and make the most of every work-out. Still, if you have a fever, you shouldn’t go to the gym despite everything just because you want to be perfect.

A quote of Salvador Dali is so relevant in this article:

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.

Yes, I also try to do everything well but if something doesn’t work out, my world doesn’t fall apart. What I truly would like to say is that ease is so important for our stressed lives that you shouldn’t miss that opportunity to enjoy the moment even if it’s not perfect 😉

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