How Many Hours Is a Part-Time Job: Your Ultimate Choice

Part-Time Job

Many people hearing about a part-time job from home or less than 40 hours at the office, just nod with apologies. They don’t consider it as a way to make money and start a career path.

However, you might be surprised. For starters, let’s not forget about the students, for whom such a schedule may be the only one possibility to make extra cash.

You may be interested in a few aspects before applying, for example writing a cover letter for a part-time job. Is it obligatory? Is recruiter going to read this or your resume makes the only difference? Pay attention to the important details below!

Part-Time Job Advantages

As said before, it may be the best choice to start a career if you’re still a student. What are the benefits?

– Money – of course, you’re going to get paid and cover some of the expenses by yourself. Don’t forget to ask about additional bonuses, when invited to an interview;
– Skills – hard, soft, transferrable, interpersonal, etc. You learn to live an adult life, deal with people and manage complicated situations;
– Confidence – a big point for introverts. You become more open-minded and get a chance for new friends;
– Time-management – there’s less time for classes, so you try to pay a few minutes for planning leisure events, friendly meetings and studying. Some students consider the option of a night part-time job, which is very individual. Try to work at night and then pass an exam!

These and much more, so take care!

Your Perfect Resume for Part Time Job

Whatever, let’s go to the application period. What are the helpful tips to make a successful resume either for a part-time human resources job or for a part-time barista at a local bakery?

pert-time resume

– Include all possible contact details – phone, email, social media, it does make sense;
– Mention you’re looking for a part-time job only – in other case don’t get mad when a company offers you a 9-6 schedule;
– Explain the reason – you’re a student, single mom or you’re already running a small business. A part-time job is a pleasant exclusion, and the employer will not going to offer it quite often;
– Say about the skills – in other words, bring light to all the previous accomplishments you have. Talk more about the results and outcomes and state you have a flexible schedule, so the company knows you need it. Can you imagine how funny this is for a student to apply for fewer hours and mention a full-time job on a resume? That leads to my another point – don’t lie and proofread at least 2-3 times;
– Last advice – don’t get confused. Make sure the owner needs part-time workers. Take a look at social media (the LinkedIn page would be very helpful) or browse for a list of companies offering part-time positions.

The Reasons “Why?”

part-time advantages

What are the other aspects of driving people to look for a part-time job? Where to find your perfect job? Working below 30 or 35 hours if being precise?

– Family responsibilities – when you have a child or an old parent, who needs to be taken care of. Besides, you can do a part-time job online saving even more time;
–  Trying to launch a business you need to have income, but enterprising activity demands more and more time;
– Combining career areas – a suitable option for graduates or people changing a specialty. You’re not too tired, and you can make a better decision for what job do you like better;

When cash is simply not your priority – it’s the best reason I could imagine!

I also consider some of the specialties better, when done by your schedule. Think about a part-time hr job. Do you need 9 hours to identify the candidates? With many approaches developed you can set up the interview being at home and then visit the office in the comfortable hours.

The Obvious Tips of How to Quit a Part-Time Job

Another moment to be getting confused about is when you decide to leave.

Let’s talk more about how to write a two weeks’ notice for a part-time job?

First, you have to make it. The more serious the company is the more requirements you’ll meet until the very end. And forget about “burning the bridge” – we’re not living in medieval times!

part-time job pros

So, there are a few points to mention in your resignation letter:

Why have you decided to leave?
When is going to be your last day?
What would you like to tell now? (any projects you’ve been held or asking an additional day-off)
An obligatory “thank you” and “good luck” part.

What to skip?

Personal insulting and referring to particular team members;
Comparing the current employer and the one you’re going to work with next. You can mention a few words, but that’s enough.

Whatever you write, think in perspective. You may need a recommendation, getting back to work. Finally, who knows much about the future? Always stay in a good relationship with employers, want to say – make colleagues, not enemies!

A part-time job is a winning decision for an extremely developing world. You get a chance to try different things, whether the job suits you or not; you can make useful contacts, expanding your professional network. Just do what feels right, and don’t look back, as all your fails are your precious experience!

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