8 Must-See Attractions for New York Sightseeing Tour

NY Sightseeing Tour

What is the first place to be no your travel list so far? While someone would rather choose romantic Paris, exotic India or magnificent Machu Picchu, I would prefer the New York City. Surprisingly for myself, I discovered how much I love big cities and their oodles of activities, attractions and places to explore.

Indeed, New York is one of the most multifaceted cities in the world. There is never enough time to see all of its sides even for a regular NYC citizen, not to say this mission is simply impossible for a regular tourist. However, when something is yet undiscovered, there is always a reason to come back, agree?

In spite of everything, the fact remains: Big Apple is a perfect destination for travel lovers offering a whole bunch of activities to everyone’s taste. Searching for shopping opportunities? Visit the Fifth Avenue. Enjoying musical shows? Head to Broadway. Need to post great selfies in front of the main city sights on Instagram to let everyone know where you are? No problem: just take some of the New York City sightseeing tours. But os your kids are too small, think about hiring a babysitter beforehand.

Speaking of the latter, such NYC sightseeing tours are indeed a great option for people coming to the city for a very first time and willing to see all the well-known neighborhoods, places, museums etc. in one row. From my own experience, purchasing one can make the sightseeing process much easier and relaxing since you wouldn’t need to walk in the unknown city, search for attractions and figure out how to get somewhere by bus or the subway. There are three best NYC sightseeing tours options available to you so far:

1. Double Decker bus tour.

double deck new york tour

The cheapest and most traditional way of touring every megacity is going by bus. There are thousands of companies selling Hop-on Hop-off bus tours that cover all the top New York sights in just 1 day. Just get on the bus, listen to the guide and enjoy the view!

2. Sightseeing cruises around the city.

If you want to see the Big Apple from the other perspective, namely seeing the city sights and its skyline from the water, then it makes sense to take a several-hour cruise on a boat. Such water tours are as popular as city bus tours, although the first one will give you a chance to get closer to the Liberty Island and respectively the Statue of Liberty.

3. Helicopter tour.

Want to get a bird’s-eye view of the New York City? Of course, such a pleasure would cost you much more than two previous options altogether; however, it’s worth the money for sure. The helicopter flights are usually no longer than 20minutes but during this time, you will feel how large and multifaceted the city is from high.

Now that you know more about the New York sightseeing tours one day, there comes the other question: which places in the city are mandatory to see or visit during those tours? Sometimes It’s important to know which sights you’d like to visit in advance so that you can select the tour based on these preferences. My own top 8 attractions are the following:

1. Statue of Liberty.

Not original but NECESSARY attraction to see. Not only is the Statue of Liberty a famous NYC landmark but also one of the major American icons. More than 152 feet tall, the Statue is situated on Liberty Island and as I have already told you, the best way to get a selfie with the symbol of freedom is going for a boat trip. Although, there is a great view of the Statue from Battery Park in Manhattan.

2. Empire State Building

sightseengs tours new york

If you are not afraid of long lines and high costs to get to the top of The Empire State Building, you are more than recommended to observe the city from this point. There are two areas in the building where you can catch a great panorama view of the whole New York City. If you are not ready to wait ridiculously long to get to the top, you can enjoy the beauty of the highest skyscraper from the bottom. At least, it’s free=)

3. Central Park

Central Park is a symbol of natural life in the jungles of a busy city. Every movie or TV show featuring New York includes Central Park locations making this place recognizable as much as the Statue of Liberty. It’s just a perfect place to relax and chill after seeing endless traffic and noisy streets all day.

4. Broadway/Shubert Alley

What is the first thing that associates with performance in the NYC? Certainly, Broadway! This is solely a theater district that gives you a chance to watch the world-known musicals and shows and all in one place. In addition, take a walk in the Shubert Alley that has 2 well-known playhouses situated there.

5. Times Square

ny tour

If you didn’t walk on the Times Square, think as if you haven’t been to New York at all. If I was asked to describe this place in 1 word, I’d say it’s a mix – a mix of everything in one place. Here you’ll find shopping centers, theaters, restaurants, mammoth billboards, people walking in ridiculous costumes and, of course, millions of curious tourists.

6.Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you care about museums that much as I do, you can’t help passing by the Metropolitan Museum of Art or just “The Met”. Here you will see everything from the times of Egypt to the modern American art and a whole more.

7. Rockefeller Center

I didn’t want to put that much attention to the shopping aspect but Rockefeller Center is worth mentioning in this list. Actually, it’s a large entertainment and shopping complex and a home for a lot of media institutions. Aside of that, there is an observation “Deck” opening a great view of the city skyline.

8. The New York Public Library

new yor tour to the library

Even if you are not a bookworm, there is a great reason to visit this library anyway. The main branch of The New York Public Library looks fantastic and is worth seeing more than 1 time. The impressive interior will charm you from the very first look. By the way, the whole library’s territory is huge and you might not be able to cover all the rooms in 1 time.

Of course, I could mention several more important attractions to see during your sightseeing tour, namely Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Wall Street, St Patrick’s Cathedral, South Street Seaport, Carnegie Hall, Grand Central Station and much more. My top 8 favorite places are based on my impressions left out after my last visit to the Big Apple.

Wish you to enjoy all of your New York sightseeing tours and attractions. Actually, I am sure you will because it can’t be the other way when it comes to the New York City!

Faithfully yours,

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