My Top 11 Portable Solar Panels You Had No Idea Existed

portable rv solar panels

Hello, my precious!

Recent days were super exciting and joyful. But how can you not be happy when your precious son turns eight years old? I cannot describe how proud I am to have such a wonderful son and therefore his birthday is a real big deal for the whole family. To make story short, he was very excited by our surprise with a science show that we organized right at his school! Quite an unusual gift, don’t you think?

Certainly, he did get a little more presents one of which, by the way, was a super cool portable solar panel charger for his tablet.

You know, both I and my husband support the idea of using more renewable energy as much as the technology allows. Right after installing solar panels on our roof (remember this epic story with my broken solar panels I had to deal with some days ago?), we felt like we made a good choice about switching to solar energy and contributing to the world’s environment.

And I guess I wrote quite a useful article on choosing the best solar panels for your home. If you think this was quite an informative post, let me know in the comments below.

This time, however, I just wanted to kinda share with you something funny and entertaining. And yes, I did come back to the topic of solar panels =) That’s because when my husband and I were looking for best portable solar panels for electronic gadgets, we came across some really “interesting” choices that DO really exist and some of them can even be purchased already!

So let’s have a sort of portable solar panels review of things, which are so unconventional that you could not even imagine they might be existing.

1. Solar Machine That Looks Like … a BUSH!

This machine does not bush solar machine only look like a bush and stands straight – it can actually move around with a help of its tiny little wheels!
You would ask why would it need to move? Well, according to the creator of such device, Justin Shalla, such bushes have cameras to help you keep the area around secure.

I just thought: what a cool idea portable solar panels for RV. Every time you would go to sleep, your vehicle is still under control. 10 out of 10 for creative design and usability!

2. A Solar Station You Can Take Everywhere With

For me, this one of the best portable solar panels ideas. First, an installation of on-grid solar systems can be a lot of pain.

And if you’re not a home bird like me and you’re constantly moving around by car and live in different places, why not taking a mobile solar station along?

When opening the system, it extends 3 times more of its original size. Again: such systems might be used as an alternative to portable RV solar panels.

3. Wheelchair With Installed Solar Panels

solar panels wheelchair

Such invention created by students of the University of Virginia impressed even greatest specialists.  Thanks to panels the area of which is one square meter, the wheelchair absorbs the solar power and is able to move the disables person around at 2 km/h speed without using additional energy sources.

4. Solar-powered Lawnmower

For those who dislike mowing the lawn, there is an autonomous solar-powered lawnmower using solar energy to do its regular operations… without human involvement, of course.

5. Solar Panels On Donkeys

So, apparently, the use of solar energy is not only a thing in the areas of complete civilization.

Turkish travelers, for instance, use solar panels on donkeys to be able to charge their electronic gadgets and have a source of light during their long way journeys across the country. Of course, in such remote regions, there won’t be a chance to use sockets in the nearest eatery like we are used to.

6. Solar-powered Scootersolar scooter

Even though the maximum speed of such scooter is only 50 km/h and the maximum distance you can handle on a single charge is only 20 miles, we should still do justice to the inventor. In general, this one looks very massive.

7. A Solar Tent

So, imagine, you’re in the remote area but you can provide yourself a comfortable living. The tent has solar cells, which means you’ll always be provided with light. The tent can accommodate a large group of people, by the way.

8. 3D Solar Printer

Thanks to Marcus Keiser, the 3D printer powered by solar energy became a reality! The concept is really simple: solar energy turns sand into glass from, which the printer produces different objects. Such invention works on natural materials only. Seems like this invention has potentials, ha?

9. Helmet Charged By Solar Power

For those who can’t afford a solar-powered scooter, can buy a helmet with solar cells located right on it. And this would cost you only $22! And even though, such helmets will not budge your scooter, they would become a perfect portable charger for your phone.

10. Solar Cockroach!solar cockroach

Ok, I am not a fan of such creepy-looking innovations but this is just a toy. But here’s a thing: for only $2.50 you can show your kids how cool and simple solar panel technology is.

11. Solar Bra???

Well, at the end of our list nothing seems like surprising me anymore. Wearing such bikini for swimming is definitely not a good idea. Nevertheless, the bra’s inventor Andrew Schneider affirms it’s one of the few solar panel charges you can actually wear on yourself. The cost for such creative bra is only $200 though =)

So, my dear readers, what are your thoughts on such innovative devices powered by solar energy? Are there any gadgets you think are truly useful and necessary for massive production? Please, share your opinion in the comments. I wish you, guys, a very productive week!

Thank you for your support,

Irene Kot

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Amy Wendel

I think a solar-powered wheelchair makes the most sense! Thanks for sharing anyway! I like your style of writing.

Irene Kot
Irene Kot

Thank you, Amy)))Totally agree that all others are not so useful for people but just wanted to share the list of unusual things that surprised me.