10 Things to Make Your Husband Happy

make your husband happy

Recently, one spontaneous thought has hit my mind. One usual evening after exhausting working day my husband came back home in a bad mood. Every single detail irritated him – he was on the verge. What would you, ladies, do in such situation?

Obviously, I could start arguing or bothering him with stupid questions. But I counted back to ten, calmed down, and laid the table with his favourite dishes on it. Before he fell asleep, I made a massage and brought him a hot tea.

“What’s the moral of the story?” you will ask. And I will answer. Our inner family life and our relations with the husband are one of the most complicated things in the personal life. It requires work, patience, and resourcefulness. Happiness is the most working way to build a strong family and enjoy it.

In this post, I decided to discuss a topic that you might be afraid to raise independently. So, let’s find out how to make a husband happy!

Do You Really Know Your Partner?

How well do you know the person you share the bed with? The unhappy grumbling husband can be the result of yourself- or marriage-obsession. Of course, I will help you to brainstorm 9 things to do for your husband every year. But it won’t work if you neglect to add some personal tastes and preferences of your husband.

If you want to make your partner happy, you should think about his interests and respect them.

Keep the Flame Alive

Marriage is like a car that can’t go forever even if the road is flawless and the auto parts are of the best quality. You should know what sweet thing to say to your husband in the morning and how to spend unforgettable holidays. But there are a couple of things you should always keep in mind.

1. Be Romantic

relationships with husband

What was the last really romantic thing to do for your husband? Remember that sweet notes on the fridge or on the windshield can be a good beginning of the day.

Go on a picnic, take a bath with candles and scented candles, spend a relaxed evening doing massage with aroma oils, meet the dawn on the place you first kissed – your imagination shouldn’t see borders.

2. Set a Date

Are you ready to be a mysterious femme fatal that meets a handsome hubby in the restaurant? Why don’t you set a date with your man? But try to perform new roles.

3. Exercise

Surprised? Yes, your attractive appearance will definitely make your hubby happy! Seeing a matured, confident lady with toned legs is a dream of every man. Try stress-reducing exercises like yoga or Pilates.

4. Be Spontaneous

I bet you definitely know how your day will roughly look like. Believe me that your husband knows it too. Being spontaneous is something that will excite your spouse and bring a smile on his face!

5. Travel

travelling with husband

What can be better than a vacation? A spontaneous vacation in a good company (you two can be the best company too)! New impressions and fresh emotions – you both need it.

6. Football Game! Or Something else..

I’m sure that your husband has a passion. Let it be any kind of sport, art, musical band, namely any kind of existing activity.

Invite him to the football match or the concert of his favorite group. Make an offer that your hubby will definitely like and spend time together so he could get the biggest satisfaction.

7. Give a Gift

You don’t need a reason to give a gift, do you? A new perfume when the old one is almost done is a good idea. Fresh shirt or beautiful tie would be also suitable. If your hubby is a sweet tooth, you can give him a box of macaroons or cupcakes. USB flash drive with fresh music in his car would also trigger positive emotions. An inspiring book can be an awesome decision but read the book review first. By the way, you can check my The Art of the Deal book review.

8. Cook his Favourite Dishes

dishes for husband

Remember something like “the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach”? It’s the most useful piece of advice I’ve ever got. And it’s true. It will 100% make him happy.

9. The Right to Skip Doing Chores

Ladies, believe me, if you use this one point, it will be enough to make your husband happy for some time. After a couple of days, when his lazy bones will get tired of the doing nothing, you can use one of the aforementioned ways to make your hubby happy!

10. Spend Time Together

Spending time together doesn’t mean burying in smartphones on the same couch. It’s about finding points of contact that would lead to an interesting leisure. Doesn’t mean what it will be. If you are crazy about table games, let it be table games. Karaoke? Amazing.

Nobody cares what brings you joy but if this thing exists, you are a happy couple.

11. Make DIY Things Together

DIY things aren’t boring. Doing DIY things isn’t only useful and rational. It can be a good way to get closer. When we were trying to make portable solar panels (I’ve written about them previously)… Well, it was kinda ridiculous experience.

12. Invite Family or Close Friends to Dinner…

… and watch your family movies – touching and hilarious.

Time spent in the good company with your husband would be a positive experience that will have a good influence on your relationship. Being together is good but integrating into the society is also important.

After 11 years of family life, I realised that making your husband happy is a job. It’s complicated but the salary is priceless.

And you know, ladies… Actually, the best way to make your husband happy is to care not only about your own life and interests. Take into account the feelings of your lover and try to think of him in the same direction.

Share the results of this cool experiment in the comments below!

Irene Kot


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