How to Make Coffee without a Coffee Maker

coffee without coffee machine

There is something I would like to admit. I can’t start my day without a cup of aromatic coffee. Before I make the first few sips of this wonderful drink, I feel drowsy and perhaps a little cranky. Well, what else could you expect from an active mother of two?

Almost all of my friends and relatives have own automatic coffee machines at home to brew coffee for them. It’s indeed the most convenient way of making fresh aromatic coffee especially when every morning is a complete bustle.  But let’s imagine, your coffee maker breaks the other day or you are out somewhere without an opportunity to use this machine. Does it mean the end of the world? Don’t think so.

I have several relatively simple ways how to make coffee without coffee maker in my arsenal.  By the way, some of them I consider a much better alternative to machines because of a unique smell and flavor of coffee. However, to make it happen, make sure you:

  1. Use freshly ground coffee. The thing is, freshly ground beans are the major key to a great smell and taste;
  2. Have freshly roasted beans. You can either purchase already roasted beans or do it yourself at home. Just let you know that roasted beans are perfect to go within their first 2 weeks;
  3. Use the right water temperature. No boiling or cold water here. The right temperature depends on a brewing method. Speaking of methods…

Method #1: The Cowboy Method

Stuck in a wild area without a coffee maker wouldn’t seem like a hell for a coffee maniac if he knows the cowboy brewing coffee method. All you basically need is a pot or saucepan, ladle or a big spoon and a source of the fire. You can have both great coffee and excellent travel makeup being far from your home. Nothing is easier than making coffee with a help of three components: fire, a pot… and coffee, of course.

How to do:

  1. Take 12+1 ounces of cold water for a standard one coffee cup (taking in account that 1 ounce would eventually evaporate in the process);
  2. 1 tbsp. of ground coffee is enough for 5 ounces, so measure the right amount yourself;
  3. Mix coffee and water in a pan and put it on a stove with a medium-high heat fire (or place it over an open bonfire);
  4. Wait until it starts boiling and stir;
  5. Let it boil for 2 more minutes and remove the pan from heat;
  6. Wait 3 minutes for coffee grinds to set on the bottom of the pan, only then pour a drink into a cup.

Method #2: Coffee in Cezve

A preparation method called “Turkish coffee” (remember that it’s not a coffee TYPE) is my favorite. Yes, it requires a little more attention to a preparation process but this satisfying coffee taste is worth it. Just try it and you’ll understand why Turkish people are so passionate about this drink. You’ll need a traditional copper or steel Turkish pot (cezve), a measuring cup and a spoon.

How to do:

  1. Measure 5 ounces of water (not too cold) and pour it in a pot;
  2. Add one teaspoon of extremely fine ground coffee along with the desired amount of sugar or spices in the pot. Do not stir!
  3. Put the pot over a medium heat. As the water starts to heat up, stir the mixture;
  4. You’ll see the foam on the top. As soon as the coffee starts to lift up, take the pot away from heat for about 30 seconds, then bring it back.
  5. Repeat the actions for 2 or three times without letting coffee boil itself;
  6. Let the coffee grinds sediment at the bottom. Then pour coffee into a cup and enjoy.

Just got an idea that coffee is another great addition to chocolate lover gift.

Method #3: French Press coffee in french press

How to make coffee with a French press and make it tasty? It’s all about medium coffee grind. Coarse grinds will clog the filter and very fine grinds will easily go through the filter. Along with a French press, you’ll need a tablespoon, measuring cup, pot or kettle.

How to do:

  1. Pull out a press plunger and add some boiling water to a press. Stir and pour it out;
  2. Add a heaping tablespoon of coffee for every 7 ounces of water into a press;
  3. Add hot water and gently stir it with coffee;
  4. Place the plunger stopping above the water level. Let it stand for 4 minutes;
  5. Press the plunger to the bottom and pour coffee into a cup.

Method #4: Coffee Bags

Coffee bags exist! Well, if you make ones yourself, of course, because yet I haven’t seen coffee bags sold in stores. You’ll need a filter, string, kettle or pot and a measuring cup.

How to do:

  1. Place a filter on a flat surface and take approximately 2,5 tablespoons of coffee onto a filter;
  2. Take the ends of the filter, bring them together and tie them up;

This is it. Now that you have coffee bags, you can make instant coffee right in your cup without additional tools. Boil the water, pour it into your mug, soak the bag in water for half a minute and you are ready to go! By the way, with good coffee beans, it’s no worse than a freshly made coffee from a machine.

 Method #5: Coffee Made in a Cup

Coffee bags aren’t the easiest method of making coffee. And no, I am not talking about instant coffee drinks. This method might not be the best one but it’s still workable. What you basically need is a kettle, a spoon and a cup.

How to do:

  1. Heat the water;
  2. While the water heats up, pour one tablespoon of extra fine coffee into a mug;
  3. After the water boils, pour it into a mug and stir it well;
  4. Cover the mug and wait several minutes;
  5. Remove undissolved coffee grinds and the drink is ready.

How to make coffee at home? A long time ago I discovered one truth: you don’t always need a super professional fancy equipment and machines to make awesome coffee. You see, it’s easy to save on food and coffee. Also, you don’t need to buy instant coffee drinks if you are too lazy to brew coffee, let’s say, in a Turk, or spend $5 in Starbucks each morning.

Enjoy your freshly brewed coffee and keep on reading Irene Kot blog!

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