Best Way To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

In 90% of cases, the body shape leaves more to be desired after pregnancy. I guess there is hardly a woman that doesn’t dream to tighten up a belly or make the butt tighter.

All my entire adult life I used to practice sport and dancing. Both times when I was pregnant, I attended prenatal yoga classes. When I gave a birth to my children, I wanted to go back to the gym and get back in shape but both times I failed. I even made a research on how much water I should drink to lose weight.

Still, I found another effective and not time-consuming way how to lose weight after pregnancy while breastfeeding and I want to share it with you!

Setbacks on the Road to the Perfect Body after Pregnancy

You should remember that you are the creator of your beauty and health. Still, after a birth of your child, your world changes. You realize that your plans should be adjusted not only to your new lifestyle and condition but also to your baby’s schedule and desires.

What are the challenges that you might face aiming for the perfect shape? It’s individual. It might be the nutrition state of your baby. You might not have the opportunity to leave it for more than an hour and the nearest gym is one whole hour away from your home. I can keep on but you know better what challenges you can face.

There is no need to write about the use of walking outside and getaways with little kids. Fresh air is a fundamental part of the strong health of your child. Unfortunately, many parents prefer to bury the room in the toys instead of spending time outside. And if there is a rain or a snow outside, they will postpone walking in the open air till the next day or week! Probably, it’s time to choose a good women’s raincoat.

Therefore, I would like to write about the use of walking outside for you, dear Mommies!

lose weight after pregnancy naturally

The Right Outfit

If you want the walk to bring you joy, you should think about your outfit. I often observe an interesting picture when a Mom tries to walk with her baby. Yes, tries. On the high heels. It’s a real challenge both for her and for her child, who wants to run on the grass or to play in the sandbox.

Leave your fancy outfit for the night out with your husband. When you walk with your baby, choose convenient clothes and orthopaedic shoes for women that don’t bound the moves.

Your Perfect Shape after Pregnancy Is Possible!

So, what secret helped me to get back to the good shape after pregnancy?

Yes, my shape was far from its ideal condition but it wasn’t that thing that drove me crazy the most. I was upset due to the state of my skin: it lost its elasticity, has bulges, and it was a cellulitis on my hips…

I started working out at home but it didn’t work – I either didn’t have time or motivation. But once I noticed an interesting thing. I used to walk with Bogdan for 5-6 hours.

My son is very inquisitive – he always tries to get out of the baby buggy and I had to go faster to distract him from this desire. And I started losing weight. I didn’t only lose weight – the state of my skin improved – my butt tightened up and my hips became slimmer.

You might think that it’s a peculiarity of my organism but you, probably, didn’t take into account that: Oxygen burns fat.

Fast walk in a combination with weighting is a good cardio training.

So, my dear Moms, you should walk more often with your baby and enjoy! When your kid will get older, you will open new possibilities: run, jump, have fun with your child! Walk with a pleasure and your body will thank you!

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