List of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Parents

ideas for valentines day gift

As usually, in the eve of the Valentine’s Day, lots of couples are rushing in a search of the perfect gift! But for me, those, who celebrate this holiday, aren’t limited to the sweet couples only.

Yes, this holiday doesn’t take leadership positions in the list of our favorite holidays. Our family doesn’t have the tradition to celebrate this day. But how is it possible to ignore the magic atmosphere of this holiday? The answer is definite: anyhow!

You might celebrate this day or not. Most of the people don’t even know the origin of this holiday (for instance, me). Still, for me, the Valentine’s Day is a reason to express my love in a creative and unusual way.

I am sure that there are lots of sentimental and details-oriented Moms around on my blog. And I am also sure that you became more difficult to choose the best and affordable gift for your family!

Ladies, forget about any difficulties! Speaking of the presents, Irene Kot is a powerful generator of the brilliant ideas! Oops, kinda immodestly…

So, check out my list of top homemade Valentine’s Day gift ideas and handy resources!

1. Baskets with Handy and Cute Things

You know, I love giving different baskets with little presents. No matter to whom the gift is dedicated, you can always adjust it to the person’s tastes and interests.

For the previous St. Valentine’s Day, I prepared a basket with ginger cookies and Swiss chocolate for my best friend Kylie. I baked the cookies and brought a chocolate from Sweden from my fall vacation. I know that she is keen on “yummies” but I didn’t just buy them in the nearest store.

You must have seen her reaction! It cost all the time I spent baking cookies in several attempts (ginger cookies aren’t my strong side).

You can create baskets with a favorite fruit of your sister, who keeps fit, cosmetics for Mom, flowers, and sweets for your Granny, toys or sweets and candies for your precious children. Just think about what they like the most and combine it with little chocolate bars, for instance.

Well, too much about my favorite baskets…

2. Photo Frames and Albums

Dear ladies, don’t blame me for mediocrity!  Photo frames and albums can become perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boyfriend, for friends, for parents, and even for your children!

Just don’t choose one photo frames. Purchase a united set of photo frames and place their photos of different periods of the family life. It’s a good idea to show how the family or relationship was growing.

Or you can choose the finest moments or the photos from the vacation. There are so many ideas that would make your friends or family smile!

Speaking of the albums, I didn’t mean boring thick photo albums, which Moms usually show to their future daughter- or son-in-law. Albums with short funny or touching stories and photos with comments are cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a husband! I am sure you, ladies, have a lot to recall!

It will show that you remember every single detail about your relationship and is a good thing to return back in the cold winter evenings near the fireplace.

3. Homemade Recipes

So, ladies, we are moving forward and make a stop at the tastiest part of my post – homemade recipes. Different cookies, pies, sweets, and other deserts in a shape of heart… What can be lovelier? Actually, a lot of thinks if you can’t cook. But now I speak about the cooking guru of my tiny Mom community.

I also have ideas about healthy meals for the family and kids.

It’s not costly and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can cook it while your children are at school and your husband is on the work. A cup of hot milk with homemade heart-cookies from a dear Mom… So cozy and sweet.

Otherwise, you can always order cookies from the Internet.

4.Things to REMEMBER

Life taught me not to overpay. Holiday’s time is a time when retailers impudently increase prices. But we are experienced Supermoms and we won’t let prices hit our pockets! That’s why check out websites with coupons. My favorites are GroupOn, Zulily, and Shopathome. ShopAtHome, by the way, always has hot deals from Macy’s!

So, as I’ve already mentioned, the Valentine’s Day is the reason to say ‘I love you’ in some other way. It doesn’t always cost hundreds of bucks to make your children or husband smile. I know it’s only a start of the powerful ideas brainstorming but remember that the 14th of February is in a matter of days! So, hurry up.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, I think you don’t need my recommendations! See you soon, my enamored ladies!

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