Immune Health Basic: Are YOU Prepared for Rainy Season?

tips for immune health

The last summer days are still careless but Moms should keep in mind that rainy and windy autumn is near at hand. You purchased rubber boots, warm knitted sweater, and vitamins for energy. Feels like you have forgotten about something… Oh, yeah! You have forgotten about immune health! I have conducted a research, talked to our family doctor, and created a brief guideline on the improving immune health before autumn will bless us with rain.

Immune Health: What’s Important to Know

The main task of the human’s immune system is a protection of our organism against disease-causing microorganisms. The key to the successful functioning of the immune system is in balance and harmony. Immune health is a system, not an entity. So, the right approach to maintaining it is a balanced care!

There are three crucial tasks of the person, who wants to live long and prosper: lifestyle, supplements and vitamins, and genetics. Setting aside genetics because it’s a thing we have no influence on, I would like to consider our lifestyle, vitamins, and supplements that can help us.

Where Your Immune Health Starts

Your immune health starts with your lifestyle. Your health has a direct relation to your habits, schedule, food, and mood. Before going to the doctor, you should think about your eating and the sleeping habits, about your bad habits and stress, about your work and relaxation, about your thoughts and satisfaction. It’s crucial to adapt healthy-living strategies!

Every part of our immune system functions better when we protect it from the killing effects of the environment. Yes, I agree, leading a healthy lifestyle when you are a woman, a wife, and a Mom isn’t easy. Hundreds of things to do daily, a crazy rhythm of our lives, goals, and duties – this sometimes lays us down. Therefore, it’s so important to manage our time and set priorities. You can wash the windows next weekends when your husband is free to help you? Great! The world won’t collapse if you don’t do it right now.

There is a tiny list of things that destroy your immune system. Make sure you:

  1. Don’t smoke and drink strong alcohol regular.
  2. Add to your ration vegetables, whole grains, low in saturated fat, and fruit.
  3. Do sport (at least regular set of exercises at home).
  4. Stick to the healthy sleeping habits.
  5. Take measures to avoid infections.
  6. Regularly attend doctors for screening tests.
  7. Know your weak sides and regularly check their condition with the professional.

These things aren’t difficult to stick. 21 days is enough to form the habit. These seven steps might become the healthiest habit ever that will help you to boost your immune health!

Immune Health Supplements

Lifestyle is a substantial foundation for the outstanding immune health. Still, every building requires strong and reliable building material. Supplements and vitamins act as the building material for your organism. Here are top 5 supplements for immune health that I add to our diet:

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These supplements don’t only make our immune health stronger but also prevent health diseases and increase the production of white cells that gobble up dangerous bacteria. Omega-3 protects our lungs from respiratory tract infections. Of course, almost every grandchild suffered from Grandma’s winter tortures with cod liver oil to prevent flues.
  2. Probiotics for immune health. Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that inhabit the gut. It creates there unfavorable environment for bacteria that cause diseases. While around 70% of diseases depend on what happens in the gut, right probiotics can save you and your family from flues and other illnesses in a cold period.
  3. Astragalus is the other crucial supplement – a curative herb from China that also stimulates the production of the white cells that support the immune system. 1000 mg is a daily norm.
  4. Zinc is the supplement that works to prevent almost every kind of infection. 50 mg daily and you will feel the result.
  5. Selenium reduces the risk of cancers of the bladder, breast, bowel, lung, and prostate.

Before purchasing all these immune health supplements in the form of pills, capsules, liquids, and powders, you have to consult with your doctor. For instance, Omega-3 can be harmful to people, who have problems with the liver. There are also certain contraindications to Zinc consumption for people, who suffer from diabetes, liver problems, and disorders of the nervous system.

Immune Health Vitamin

vitamins for immune health

Along with consumption of immune health supplements, it’s important to ask your doctor about the best vitamins. Vitamins are responsible for a normal development of a multicellular organism.

These nutrients take part in the chemical reactions and produce essential components for bones, skin, muscle, and all systems of our organism including the immune system.

There are four essenvial vitamins for a normal functioning of the immune health:

  1. Vitamin C is a big vitamin for immune health. Food that contains vitamin C: citrus fruit, strawberries, bell pepper, spinach, kale, and broccoli. Unfortunately, our organism can’t produce or store it. Still, so many products contain vitamin C that it’s easy to stick to the daily norm of this immune health booster.
  2. Vitamin B6 is responsible for biochemical reactions in the immune system. To maintain the norm of vitamin B6, you should consume chicken, cold water fish (salmon and tuna), vegetables, chickpeas.
  3. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents infections in our organism. Add nuts, seeds, and spinach to your ration to maintain the norm of this vitamin.
  4. Don’t forget about a simple vitamin B, especially if you consume Omega-3. Together with this supplement, it creates a powerful bomb of healthy components.

Even though vitamins seem to be harmless, their oversupply can have fatal effect… Therefore, get a consultation from your doctor and stay healthy.

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