Hybrid Mattress: Detailed Information and Full Guide to Choose

chime hybrid mattress

We all strive for pressure and back pain relief when we go to bed. It’s essential to select the right mattress that will be tailored to your individual needs. It should bring comfort and ease together with back support and durability. This industry has developed a new contemporary type – the best hybrid mattress. If you are searching for both support of an innerspring mattress and comfort system of a one from memory foam, a hybrid mattress can be the best match for you.

It can be quite challenging to define the top-rated hybrid mattress in a box as there is a wide variety of constructions and designs together with a large choice of manufacturers. To help you define the most suitable option, we are going to share with you the main features of this type, its benefits as well as some professional tips to make the right choice.

What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

Many consumers have doubts about whether this is the right type of mattress for them. In order to determine if you really need it, you should be aware of what a hybrid mattress is, look through the reviews of some models and manufacturers, and compare the options. There is a great diversity of materials and types these days. Each person will be able to select the most affordable and suitable option.

The name of this type speaks for itself – this is a mix of various materials and this type combines features present in other types. It has become really popular recently. The best hybrid mattress for side sleepers combines the comfort of a latex bed and back support of innerspring types. It is great for those who value their money and effort and want to find the best solution. Below you can see some hybrid mattress reviews and their main features to help you decide.

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What Is the Construction Of Twin Hybrid Mattress

We have already told about how long mattresses last, and let’s have a closer look at the components of this type and its layers. So, it consists of such main parts as the support core, the transition part, the comfort layer, and the cover.

Support Core

This part of a Casper hybrid mattress is essential and it’s similar to the one of innerspring. This support core of coils is typically between six and eight inches tall. It is placed at the bottom. The coils are made to compress and can be called foam-encased coils. It means this type doesn’t affect the surrounding coils and remains bouncy for your comfort.

Sometimes, the extra support of the Sealy hybrid mattress is received from a base section that is constructed with a special polyfoam. Usually, this section is between one and two inches tall. This extra layer of foam is used to lower noise and increase the stability of your latex hybrid mattress. Hence, the support core serves as a solid base that shows the performance and comfort of your mattress. It should prevent sagging and prolong its life as well.

wayfair hybrid mattress

Transition Layer

This section stands between the comfort system and the support core of the Bear hybrid mattress and other types. We should note here that not every single type has this section. If you choose a Lucid hybrid mattress with a transition layer, for example, it will most likely be made of polyfoam. Generally, this part helps to prolong the life of your mattress and lowers its pressure.

Comfort System

This is probably the most comfortable part as this section is noticeable when you lie down on a Queen hybrid mattress or any other part. The comfort system is the section that is responsible for firmness and stability. Speaking of hybrid vs foam mattress, the first option lasts longer. Latex and memory foam are among typical materials for Beautyrest hybrid mattress.  

It is meant to produce a comfortable sleep and a cozy feeling. In addition, it is possible to select a Linenspa 8 inch memory foam and Innerspring hybrid mattress with a sewn-in top layer in the form of a pillow. This top section may be manufactured from different materials such as polyfoam, latex, wool, memory foam, cotton, and fiberfill.


The cover of a Linenspa hybrid mattress is its last but not least component. Some mattresses come with one material for the whole size while others have different materials on the sides and the top. The most widespread materials are wool, rayon, and cotton as they are quite flexible and soft.

northern nights dream hybrid mattress

Reviews of The Top-Rated Mattresses

Now that you know what your hybrid mattress king size consists of, it’s time to talk about the main features of the most widespread mattresses to facilitate your choice.

  • Leesa Hybrid Mattress – review is necessary to help you define if a particular mattress is a good choice for you and the most suitable one to grow healthy children. For instance, this type is perfect for consumers who experience back and neck pains. There are several foam layers as in the Lucid hybrid mattress review together with middle memory foam for more flexibility and comfort. If you strive for a balanced firm hybrid mattress Queen, this is a great choice for you. Generally, this option is more expensive than a Zinus hybrid mattress and can cost about $1,800. But if you search for a more budget option, you can opt for the one with average memory foam.
  • Layla memory foam hybrid mattress – this is another great opportunity to have a decent option for those who suffer from neck or back pains. You can also find an Alcove hybrid plush mattress to check that gentle memory foam is useful for such consumers and will help them feel less pressure and more comfort.
  • DreamCloud – it’s time to look at some options for those who aren’t ready for a shopping spree. This variant is right for you if you value your time and money. Its reasonable price is similar to a Restonic hybrid mattress. It includes a cozy pillow top and memory foam inside for your comfort at night. There is also additional edge support for big sizes in DreamCloud’s luxury hybrid mattress.
  • Bear Hybrid mattress review – it offers a great option for sportsmen and those who seek a mattress with a cooling effect. It is also designed to help athletes recover quicker after exercises or sore muscles. You will definitely enjoy a good night’s sleep if you choose this option or an Allswell luxe hybrid mattress.
  • Linenspa – this is another mattress for a reasonable price that offers good quality too. You can look for a Linenspa 10 inch latex hybrid mattress for a decent price in your area and enjoy a cozy memory foam material from a well-known brand. It is also similar to Sealy hybrid mattress reviews that are available on the web. It’s great that there are not only pricey options but you can also find one of the best hybrid mattresses under 500 dollars.
  • Alexander hybrid mattress – review this type if you are searching for innovative design and titanium memory foam. Its high quality will surprise you together with the price. Chime hybrid mattresses can be much cheaper but this type offers additional edge support and will be ideal for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, or side sleepers.
  • Sealy Posturepedic hybrid cobalt – this is a great option for back sleepers. While we sleep, half of our body weight stays in the middle, so the black hybrid mattress is designed to reinforce its center to support the consumer’s back and core. Many people already ask where to buy Sealy Posturedepic hybrid elite kelburn mattresses. There are many types of Sealy Posturepedic hybrid mattress – you may choose between a Sealy Posturepedic hybrid Kingsthorne plush mattress and Sealy Posturepedic hybrid trust cushion mattress, etc. The price is quite reasonable and starts from around $500 for a hybrid king mattress.
  • Simmons hybrid mattress – this is an example of a very cheap item that can be affordable for almost every consumer. The Wayfair hybrid mattress starts from $250 and its rating is still rather high according to the customers’ feedback.
leesa hybrid mattress review
  • Icomfort hybrid mattress is often compared to Voila hybrid mattress as both options have positive feedback and have been among the most popular mattresses for consumers for decades. Although the first type had some problems with longevity, they both are suitable for back and stomach sleepers as they offer great support to the neck and spine.
  • Helix hybrid mattress works best for those who seek customizable options with unique design and extra comfort. The memory foam and materials inside it are perfect for pressure relief on your back, hips, and shoulders.
  • Northern Nights Dream hybrid mattress is the last on our list but it also deserves your attention. It is quite cheap compared to other popular brands. At the same time, it is helpful for both back and side sleepers and comes in various designs. The pricing policy starts at $300. 

To sum up, a king size hybrid mattress was designed to become one of the most comfortable and reliable options for modern consumers. It combines the best features of other mattress types and minimizes their drawbacks at the same time to bring you lots of comfort for a reasonable price.

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