How to Write a Press Release that Will Stand Out


I will tell you a secret. Initially, my articles don’t look the same as I place them on my blog. They go through a real transformation. I change words, sentences, the whole abstracts. I look for outstanding information as I want my blog to be extra useful. I spend a lot of time to find quality information. And I get a feedback.

You can see a part of me and my life in every article. I think it’s kinda right approach to blogging.

Yesterday, I hit a cool article in Forbes. This article is dedicated to press release writing. I deal with press releases and I know how complicated a writing process can be. Therefore, I prepared a brief guideline of how to write a press release for different occasions! Keep on reading and share it with your friends 🙂

Let’s create a meaningful news!

Key Points You Can’t Avoid

A press release is far from an informal piece of writing. It’s a formal announcement about your product, business, event, or even about you. The main goal of a press release is to introduce something, promote it, give enough information for its future use, and maybe even improve SEO. The process is similar to working at website design.

Forbes defined two main problems of entrepreneurs and businessmen: so-called centers on intent (I want to speak about, I want to tell about, etc) and long sentences with acronyms and inappropriate information (it’s like I don’t want to know how comfortable your chairs are if you write about new website!).

Every press release requires structure: headline, outline, body. According to Forbes, these are the ingredients of a successful press release.

Catchy Headline

The headline is a very important part. I would even say that it’s the most important thing as most of the people don’t even open most of the emails if the headline is ordinary.

A good tip from Derek Thompson, Senior Editor, The Atlantic: know your audience. He says:

Make the subject line personal, the way you would if you were asking a friend a favor. Not ALL CAPS or Super Formal but casual and knowing. “yo” has worked before to get me to open the email. ‘Hey Derek, wonderful piece’ has worked (flattery often does for journalists!).

I think a good idea would be to think about a headline as it’s a Tweet. 140 characters and you have to hold the main idea here.

One more tip: your headline, sub-headline, and the first sentence shouldn’t contain the same information.


Here you must tell about the product/business. A reader should think: “Yes, man! I definitely need it” and click the link. That’s your goal.

Still, I want to talk about language. Samantha Murphy Kelly, Tech Editor, Mashable, says:

 Often the language used is very dense and tedious to get through. I sometimes read an entire press release and can’t pull out the key takeaway. Subjects can be complicated, to begin with, especially when it comes to science and technology, so the language that really cuts to the chase and explains the news is most helpful. I always like to say, explain it to me in a sentence or two like you were telling your Grandmother, before getting into the specifics. It’s always good to know ‘why’ the news is important too.

There are no strict requirements to so-called conclusions. But you should leave a nice impression about your product. It’s a good idea to place a link or promo code that offer a little discount or other preferences. Wish a good day. Encourage people to buy your product, read your article, turn to your company, use your service, etc.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

All aforementioned tips will help you to write a good press release for event BUT use a simple, almost informal language. Plus:

  1. Avoid cliches that sound just like a sales pitch.
  2. Don’t use passive voice.
  3. Don’t use long lists and bullet points – a search engine can consider it as an article not a press release for an event.
  4. Avoid HTMLs as some networks don’t support it.
  5. Don’t use more than one hyperlink per every 100 words as a search engine may consider it to be a spam.
  6. Place all necessary information: what, when, where, dress code, program, price, what’s included in the cost. The reader doesn’t have to look for it on the Internet.

Let your press release be no more than 300 – 500 words.

Use a hook: brainstorm a cool hashtag, place it into trends, social media, and news.

How to Write a Press Release for a New Product

Before you write a press release for a new product, I would recommend you to take into account 4 crucial things:

  1. A press release should tell about unique features of your product. Do you use eco-friendly material? Cool. Do you offer the lowest price for the same good quality? Amazing! Does your product contain options for disabled people? Mention it!
  2. Tell a story. Every potential client wants to know how the product will practically help him in real life, how it will facilitate his routine or save his time. A good move would be to tell how you came up with this product and how it was created.
  3. Stick to the idea. Your press release should tell about your product. Point. A reader doesn’t want to know about your work, vacation, debt, and other issues.
  4. Add contact information.

How to Write a Press Release for a Business

When you write about a new business, you should write a press release for media. Appeal to reporters and journalist, then for potential clients and partners, and then for random readers, who can spread information.

You should tell enough about the story of your business, its conception, working principles, and goals.

Optimize your press release for SEO. Mention target keywords and visuals and keywords that are relevant to the professional field. It seems that resume editing tips will work here too.

And remember, a press release for business isn’t for fluff. No jargon or joking, no senseless phrases, and information, no repetitions. Convey the idea.

Ufff seems like I got carried away a little bit. Still, a press release can be a good start and strong foundation for your deal, idea, and business. I wish you inspiration for your winning writing!

Share your ideas that I passed up and continue my guideline in comments:)

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