Your Guide on How to Slim Arms

how to get slim arms

Although it’s winter now, it’s time to get yourself ready for the next summer season in advance. Are you already dreaming about that tank top that will showcase your thin and toned arms?

Wait…I know we all have that dream tank top or sleeveless dress but what about the arms? How to slim arms until the next summer season and look gorgeous?

Being a young mom, I know how challenging it may be to find time for yourself and get motivated to improve your health and body. But it’s essential to start now so that you can slowly but confidently make small steps forward to the body of your dreams.

Frankly speaking, I used to have quite thick arms with some fat on them that I always wanted to get rid of. So, here is my personal guide on how to slim down arms and increase your overall physical activity until summer. Also, take advantage of my tips on how to slim legs.

How to Get Slim Arms

First of all, I’d like to talk about the way fat loss happens and prove my words with some researches so that you get a better understanding of your possible mistakes and why you can’t get those toned slim arms fast. This is my own way, my own experience, my own tips and tricks that have helped me.

If you’re good at anatomy, you may already know that your thighs, abdomen and upper arms have a larger amount of fat cells. Fat is stored in the form of triglycerides all around your body.

Hormones and genetics are the two things that drive the way you lose fat and where you store it. When you are willing to lose some weight from a certain area, such as slim down arms, your body will take those triglycerides from fat cells available all around your body and not just a small area that you want to get thinner.

The Myth of Spot Training

You’ve read those fashion magazines looking for smart tips on how to slim your arms, haven’t you? I won’t hide the truth. I also used to waste my time trying to grasp the idea of spot training and searching for outstanding slim arms workout until I found the proof.

According to the 2013 study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, spot training was proven to be completely ineffective. They asked participants to do three workouts each week that consisted of over 1,000 repetitions of the leg press on just one leg. Twelve weeks later, there was no visible difference between the two legs.

Another research by the American Council on Exercise has proven that combining strength training, a healthy diet, and cardio is the best way to lose body fat and get fitter. Thus, if you notice a “how to get slim arms in a week at home” article in your favorite magazine next time, don’t fall for that.

Here is what you really need to do.

A Healthy Diet to Slim Arms Fast

Strength training really matters. However, not only best exercises to slim arms but also the quality of your diet influences your physical appearance. You should add more fish or poultry to your diet in order to get enough protein. Bell peppers, leafy greenery as well as whole grains are beneficial too.

I don’t want to write long tedious lists with healthy recipes here. I recommend you to choose your own favorite meals or alter the recipes you find so that you like them. For instance, you may select recipes that include whole-wheat bread and mushrooms for breakfast, grilled chicken and a vegetable salad for lunch, and steak with steamed veggies for dinner.

Don’t just think how to slim down arms without gaining muscle. Think about the best way to slim arms and make them shapely and thin.

How to Slim Arms Fast with Exercise

best exercises to slim arms

As I’ve mentioned before, spot training or targeted exercises won’t do you any good if you want to know how to slim upper arms. You need to include cardio to your fitness routine. Once your body starts to burn more calories, it will create an overall calorie deficit and therefore make you lose more weight. Need more proof?

The recent research of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed that people who don’t change their diet generally need over 60 minutes of physical exercise on a daily basis.

So, think about what is more important for you: how to slim arms without bulking up or how to continue eating everything.

How to Slim Down Muscular Arms

There are many types of exercise on how to get slim arms fast together with healthy eating and regular physical activities. Biking and brisk walking are very useful for this purpose. Moreover, you may slim your arms with the help of swimming, jogging or even rollerblading – any vigorous exercise that is aimed at burning maximum calories.

Are you wondering “how to slim my arms with a certain exercise?” Well, here is one of my favorite ones. It’s called Scissors. This is not just a fun arms training but also a great cardio workout to help you lose weight.

  1. You need to stand straight and lift your arms to the shoulder level. Your arms will work as scissors that need to be opened and closed.
  2. Stretch both arms to the front with the right hand above the left one.
  3. Then stretch your arms sideways and bring them back to the front again.

Make three sets of ten reps on a daily basis and you will soon notice results.

I hope my tips on how to slim your arms fast were really useful to all of you. Try them out and share your thoughts on this problem.

What exactly helped you to make your arms look thin and shapely?

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