How to Send Thank You Flowers and What to Choose

choosing thank you flowers

Thank you flowers are a good way to express your gratitude. I pay attention to details that, in fact, mean a lot. I often send flowers to a team that organizes impressive parties, to my tailor for the perfect coat, to my friend, who stayed with my children when we went to the theatre with my husband… Thank you flowers are a kind of special gratitude – they show that you do appreciate person’s help.

Still, there are certain unwritten rules of sending thank you flowers. Skipping them isn’t a catastrophe but it’s better to know them. Furthermore, I found several cool resources with prices that don’t bite. Keep on reading!

Thank You Flowers Suit Special Occasions

There are three ways to say thank you: say it, send a thank you note and give a cup of self-made coffee, or send flowers. Their value grows gradually and it’s important to be relevant. There is no need to send flowers if the neighbour helped you to change tires. Flowers express outstanding appreciation – something that goes beyond the routine or common help.

Some things tend to lose their value if they become a part of the routine.

Whom and When to Send Thank You Flowers?

Sending Flowers for a Good Job to Colleagues

Sending flowers for a good job to a colleague is a great idea. It shows that you appreciate their help and value their time. It also helps to build the relationship and when you need their help next time, you will more likely get it!

In this case, a modest classic bouquet with mixed flowers will be suitable. I would also recommend sending an orchid. Your colleague could leave it in the office as a reminder of your friendly attitude.

Bouquet to the Special Someone

When you decide to send thank you flowers to special someone, it’s important to take into account their preferences. Even if you always buy roses or tulips, you can apply to the professional florist, who will create a masterpiece of the well-known flowers.

Using the preferences of your friend or beloved as a basis is a very personalized way to say thank you. Even if you don’t know what flowers the recipient prefers, you can play with his or her favourite colour. Tulips colour palette is rich and the bouquet will look amazing!

Gift Baskets as Fresh Idea

choosing gift basket

Thanks to Instagram, I found out a fresh idea of thank you note – gift baskets. These baskets can contain flowers and sweets or flowers and fruit or set of cheese and wine. This is a great idea when you need to thank the whole team, as the flowers are a somewhat personal, personalized thank you.

Gourmet baskets are very sophisticated and original way to express the appreciation. They might contain cheese, meat, nuts or sweets if this is a chocolate lover gift.

Resources that You Need

I considered sending thank you flowers to be a costly thing. In fact, some companies do offer sky-high prices but, as a passionate lover of thank you flowers, I managed to find resources that pick up prices to the sky.

So, my number one resource is It has the freshest roses for affordable prices. Box of 12 roses will cost you $99.  Johnny’sFlorist has lower prices and offers modest classic bouquets. My rate is 9 out of 10 because you won’t find there something exotic or unique. You can order flowers for $30 for bouquet and more. is one of the best florist resources for Canadians. It’s a good alternative to expensive local florist shops.

Thank you flowers are always a good idea. Saying “thank you” with a sweet smile is a devoir. Thank you flowers with a nice note is a tribute to appreciation and special attitude. Sometimes we should make such steps to maintain a good relationship and do something nice.

Have you ever got a sophisticated bouquet? What flowers do you prefer?

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Responses 2

December 8, 2017 9:32 pm

I have also ordered flowers from but I wouldn’t say that the prices there are affordable.. I prefer to create boxes with cosmetics, chocolate, or fruit. I guess that they will bring more pleasure and they show the dedication, love, respect… Cool article! I would read about hand-made bouquets with pleasure 🙂

Irene Kot
Irene Kot
December 14, 2017 9:37 am

Thank you for the comment) And totally agree with you that fruit boxes are great!