How to Make Your Home Cozy

make home feel cozy

A house with a child or children must be a priori cozy. Still, it’s not always possible to make out coziness through the mess. Yes, sometimes my home looks like a madhouse. I don’t know how but my two angels can turn my house in a bedlam should I just turn away! I am sure most of the mothers face this problem daily. Still, I found out the solution to the ongoing mess! I know how to make your house cozy. Are you ready to changes?

1. Free More Space

As a mother, who always surrounds herself with extra-needful stuff, I appreciate the role of free space. A house full of little souvenirs, statuettes, and other junk seems to be even more cluttered after intensive children’s activity. My friends know that number one present that I frankly hate is dust collectors for shelf and racks.

Thus, I recommend you, my dear Moms, to free as much space as it possible. Moreover, it can even help to improve a family budget. Don’t you want to get rid of the unnecessary stuff? Do it on the nearest weekends and relax in the cozy and airy lounge.

2. Give Away Old Clothes

Are you sure you need your old-school clothes from the tenth grade? I am 100% sure that you shift it from one wardrobe to another after every general cleaning. Once I decided to get rid of my old laundry and found out the solution. I donated the laundry to the orphanage. I didn’t charge money but I made a good deal and was satisfied with it.

There is no need to store your old clothes. Keep on freeing the space and creating a cozy home.

3. Consider Right Lighting

The right lighting is crucial for the health of your children. Still, the right light can make your room to look bigger and cozier. My lounge room doesn’t receive enough sunlight and seems to be too dark. My daughter didn’t like playing there, though the room was intended to be for my kids.

My husband decided to remove the dark-brown wallpapers with the lighter ones. Furthermore, we changed the dark curtains with almost transparent tulle! The result exceeded expectations – I didn’t know that my lounge can be so spacious! Lots of light and space attract my children and my guests in the lounge. It can be expensive that’s why, think about solar panels for your home.

4. Let It Be Simple

I always feel comfortable in the simple houses. Nothing draws my attention and nothing prevents me from sincere conversations. My modest experience shows that the best way to make a cozy house is to keep it simple.

Vintage rugs and watches, Granny’s caskets, and porcelain sets are something that you don’t use daily. The stuff makes your house look like a vintage store. Stop being old-school – cute tiny things don’t always create coziness.

5. Final Touches

Final touches of your design process should be personalised. I mean, you should add something that is connected with the inner life of your family. Let it be cute picnic photos with your children and husband or Christmas snapshots with your family. Remove basic plastic stuff with handmade things of your children. Surround yourself with something you love – it will fulfil your house with a positive attractive energy. And make sure you have all best cleaning products to keep it shiny.

My house is a place, where I always want to return. No matter where I was – either in Europe or in Australia – my heart strived to come back to my sweet home. I am sure that you, my dear Moms, manage to create cozy at home. Hope you will share the photos with me!

With love, Your Iren.

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