How To Make Good-Looking Infographic And Spend Less Than a Whole Day On It?

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Happy February! How were your first days of this month? I had some great time with kids this weekend. We have spent two days out of the city and closer to nature. Even though it was cold, it was a real blessing to enjoy the beauty of winter in the woods. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to spring since it’s my most favourite season out of all.

But getting back to work is something we have to do on Mondays. After dealing with some important issues at work, I can finally grab a cup of my favourite jasmine tea and sit down to write a couple of words for my blog. Well, not a couple actually =)

The current business problems I had to deal with inspired me to touch the topic of infographics. As a person owning an online business, it’s important to follow all of the existing modern trends of online marketing.

For those who are not in the loop about infographics, I’ll explain. Basically, an infographic is a picture displaying the information in the way it’s easily understood at a glance. Such visualized data is more efficient for perception than simply a text making infographics a commonly used tool in the online world now. You can check my infographic about an effective blog post to get useful information and an idea about this kind of visual content.

Get the reason why infographics are so popular right now? Pretty sure it’s justified. We can use infographics literally everywhere, whether it’s your personal blog or a business.

Nevertheless, if you look at some examples, they may seem too complicated to create them on your own. What is it: a great job of Photoshop or a special program with prepared templates?

Let me share some of my own experience that put me on a right track of the easiest and fastest way to create an infographic. And yes, a make infographicgood-looking one without any artistic skills and knowledge of Photoshop. How about 30 minutes to do an infographic? Note the time!

But BEFORE you make an infographic…

Never count on a good look only. The main thing in the infographic is its content and a possibility for the audience to perceive the content more effectively. So, here are some of the things you want to remember before you start putting words and numbers altogether in one place:

  1. Create a strong message. When it comes to an infographic, we mean creating an organic whole out the used information. Create a powerful introduction sentence or a question and an on-point ending so that it looks like a unit and not just like a separate set of different data.
  2. Be precise. If you want to convey some idea to the readers, keep your information filtered from unnecessary one. You may find some very interesting materials but as soon as they do not correspond to your topic directly, don’t include it in your infographic.
  3. Search info from credible sources! Every one of us knows most of the Internet sources post non-credible information, so you want to be really careful and picky about the sources you take your materials from. For the credibility of your infographic, trust reliable websites, books, journals and don’t forget to cite them at the bottom later.
  4. Mention who created the infographic. Surely, you want everyone to know that it’s you who made the infographic. Therefore, brand it. Though, make sure that your logo is good enough to be presented.
  5. Share it everywhere. After creating one, don’t forget that you own the most powerful marketing tool so far – your social media profiles. It can be your personal page or the account of your company, the main thing is making it shareable. If your infographic is truly interesting, your friends, followers, and connections will pay attention and spread the word on their own pages. And this means a better online visibility.

And now, ladies, here are some answers how to create infographic if you are not a graphic designer.

Step No. 1: Do homework

Not literally of course. Like I said before, infographics have their precise goal and you want to make a great research before to ensure your information about the topic is relevant and interesting to learn.

Always do this step in the first case since a different kind of information will influence the future look of the infographic (whether you use charts more than pictures or the other way around).

Step No.2: Select the right template

Where do I make my infographics? Well, I create infographic online. I just seek for the perfect website for beginners and non-professionals. I like simplicity in options, but even though, the service should offer users various options to choose from. Believe me: I’ve used a whole bunch of tools including Canva, Vizualize, even Google Developers (this one was tough, man), Venngage (this one is actually a good option as well), but none of these was as convenient as Piktochart.

I think you all should start from it. It does a pretty good job in making your data look presentable even if you don’t customize it too much.

And now, about the price. I know, Piktochart offers you an option of a free account, which is perfect if you need a one-time infographic.

But when it comes to regular designs, I’d recommend you invest in a paid account that will open you up to thousands of additional options you can use as well. After all, it’s still cheaper ($15-$29 per month) than hiring a graphic designer.

Step No.3: Customize

Not it’s time for the most creative work – customizing your data inside the infographic. From my own experience, it shouldn’t take you longer than an hour (and when you get your hand in that, than it’s less than half an hour) to organize the data accordingly.

Step No.4: Release!

Now, I am not saying that you, guys, would create a stunning infographic for your first time with a help of this platform. It takes time to get good at this, but at least it won’t take you the whole day =)

Good luck in your “hard” work, ladies! Enjoy your week and don’t forget to check out my latest post on best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for parents. Hope, you didn’t forget about the upcoming holiday!

Best regards,

Irene Kot.

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