How to Help Your Pet in the Case of Nausea

First Aid for Nausea for Pets

Each of us loves our pets, as they are members of our families. The health of dogs and cats depends on many factors. If your pet is unwell, and you do not know how to help it, do not panic ahead of time.

Let’s talk about the causes of nausea and first aid for nausea and vomiting. Most pet owners have come across this at least once. Have you ever asked yourself what can I give my dog for nausea or how to stop cat nausea? This is great if you know how to act in such situations and even have the necessary cat or dog nausea medicine.

But how to alleviate the pet’s suffering when trouble took you by surprise, for example, in the middle of the night or there is no veterinarian near you? In such a case you will definitely need several tips on cat and dog nausea home remedies.


To begin with, it is very important to determine the cause of cat or dog nausea in order to subsequently take all the necessary measures to eliminate it. Vomiting can happen for various reasons, often and once, be accompanied by other pet ailments or be a single cause for concern. Some reasons are not dangerous.

Cats, for example, may experience nausea that is squirmed by lumps of wool accumulated in their stomachs, absorbed by them when washing.

Sometimes nausea is one of the anxiety symptoms. But most often the causes of nausea are more severe:

diet change;
eating something that blocks stomach;
smth toxic;
disease like pancreatitis;
infections (viral, bacterial);

First Steps

So, you found your pet unwell. Nausea recurs or you can clearly see that your pet is sick. First aid in cat nausea treatment and dog nausea treatment is similar.

!!! If you see that the condition of the pet is very bad, call the vet immediately. Eliminate the cause of nausea in order not to endanger the animal in the future.

First aid in cat nausea

Try to Find Out the Reason of Sickness

Do you know the cause of nausea? You may have seen a cat or a dog eat something that could cause poisoning. Perhaps you have home plants that are dangerous for animals (begonia, dracaena, etc.), or it may be trivial chemicals that your curious pet got to smell.

This is very good if you know the reason. If possible, grab a sample to show the vet. This will facilitate his work and speed up understanding of the situation and the direction of further treatment and individually determine what can you give a dog for nausea or how to help your cat.

What Should Be the First Aid?

Home remedies may be helpful in case of a one-time attack, or before the arrival of the veterinarian. Vomiting and nausea are indicative of indigestion. Therefore, the most effective means is always to facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. That is the use of starvation diets.

Sometimes even the fact that a cat or dog eats too much or too quickly, and then also actively plays after that, causes vomiting. The animal should not starve more than a day. Cat nausea treatment has some features. For example, a starvation diet is not suitable for kittens, they should not be hungry for more than four hours a day.

Caution With Water

Fasting should be kept for 12-24 hours, but it is important to provide the animal with fresh water in order to avoid dehydration. In itself, abundant water can also worsen the condition of the animal.

Therefore, it is important to give it in small doses. And best of all – to give it in the form of ice chips. You can try to offer water later.

Check out information about water benefits for people and how to lose weight with the help of it!

water for pets

What Is a Bland Diet?

After a period of fasting, you should not immediately return to a normal diet. A few days you need to carefully select the diet for the animal.

Best suited variants are boiled rice and chicken. If you use chicken, make sure it is skinless and boneless. This kind of food should be given until the pet is better. Then you can return to the usual diet.

What If a Cat or Dog Doesn’t Want to Eat at All?

With this symptom of indisposition, one should also be very careful. It is very important that the pet eats, even if it is necessary to forcibly commit it. Long fasting is fraught with ”fatty liver disease”.

Do No Harm!

When the pet is sick, the first of all it needs to provide a stream of fresh air. Do not try to give excessive support. Leave the animal alone, just watch from the side. If you squeeze him and try to do something, then it will only make things worse.

For cats, nausea is some kind of natural defense mechanism and sometimes it can be better without any special treatment. There is another situation with a dog nausea remedy. The first thought is what to give a dog for nausea.

Do not try to experiment with medication!

Proper treatment will be prescribed only by a vet after examining and finally establishing the source of the poisoning and evaluating the results of its negative effect on the dog’s body.

Useful Tips

Less common causes of nausea include head injuries, car rocking, and vestibular disorders. When the dog is sick, it begins to breathe often, there is abundant salivation.

useful tips for pets

The dog nausea symptoms may include:

licking the floor causing a gag reflex;
becoming concentrated;
pressing the tail;
licking lips.

Your task is to lessen dog anxiety symptoms and not to miss the moment when the situation becomes critical to take the necessary measures in time.

If the vomiting of the cat is due to hairballs, products such as Vaseline or another kind of petroleum jelly may be helpful. Put it on the cat’s paw to be licked off to help pass the hairball. Regular grooming can also help prevent hairballs.

Summing Up

Be careful! Prevention is always better than cure. Any pet ailments are most correctly resolved by consulting a veterinarian.

Do not use home remedies and go to the vet in case if your pet is repeatedly vomiting or attempting to vomit, there is blood in the stool or profuse, watery diarrhea, lack an appetite, you have another dog or cat and they may be infected.

If your pet is otherwise healthy, and you are firmly convinced that vomiting is caused by overeating or a drastic change in diet, then it is reasonable to try some natural home treatments. Take care of your pets!

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