How to Choose Mattress and Make Your Sleep Better

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Remember the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” by Hans Christina Anderson where the girl couldn’t sleep well in the bed covered by 20 mattresses and 20 featherbeds because of the one pea? No, I am not going to talk about the hidden sense of this well-known fairy tale, nor do I want to find out how it was possible to feel a single pea under a thick layer of twenty mattresses. But selecting a good and right sleeping mattress is exactly what I want to share with you in the following blog post.

People spend approximately a third of their lives sleeping and it’s extremely necessary to spend your time and money to ensure your sleep will be going well. The purchase of a new mattress is vital for your night comfort without constant back pains, insomnia, and irritability from the very morning. Yes, most likely those horrible sleep issues have to do with a wrong choice of a bed mattress. I’ll teach you how to solve these problems by doing one single thing: buying the right type of mattress.

Nowadays, the mattress market offers dozens of options for everyone’s taste and financial opportunities. Let’s resume on each mattress type below.

Innerspring Mattress infographic choosing matress

Most likely, you have this type of mattress at home. The base of the mattress is coil springs and in most cases, these springs are enclosed with each other to prevent them from popping out and hurting a sleeper.

Enclosed springs also ensure the durability of the mattress usage. The good thing is that innerspring mattresses are covered with different materials for a better comfort, either latex or memory foam.

Those who prefer innerspring mattresses are lucky because the stores are full of choices to everyone’s preference and budget.

But keep in mind that cheapest options will have a worse quality of the material and less amount of springs that may disturb your comfort.

So, should you go for and buy a traditional innerspring mattress? In fact, this type of a mattress is suitable for anyone. To ensure your comfort sleep, consider your personal characteristics. For instance, if you suffer from back pains, then choose a firmer cover.    (Infographic source:

Memory Foam Mattress

I already mentioned the good qualities of memory foam in my recent post about choosing the right pillow. Memory foam mattresses have the ability to maintain the shape of the person’s body. Thus, it’s a perfect material for people who like moving actively during their sleep.  Not only does it absorb your body “inside” the mattress and make any of your sleeping pose comfortable but also reduces the pressure points and helps to cope with pain.

Those who gave preference to this kind of material sensitive may complain about its temperature sensitivity. Memory foam tends to absorb the human’s body heat and keep this temperature throughout the whole night. It might be irritating for people who like it chill. Besides, there might be a light smell of chemicals from the memory foam.

Latex Mattresses

If you are not a great lover of firm mattresses, latex is not your best choice. Made of either natural or synthetic rubber, latex ensures a very firm support to a human’s body. So compared to memory foam, the surface of latex mattresses does not adjust to your body contour. At the meantime, they are quite comfortable.

Air Mattresses

No, this is not the air mattress you take with yourself when going camping or when guests sleep over at your house. They actually look like regular innerspring mattresses, the only difference is that air mattresses are filled with… air. Obvious, huh? At the top, they are covered with a thick layer of foam. For a long time, the only clients for air mattresses were people with spinal cord problems who barely moved and were forced to stay in bed most of their time. This is because air mattresses do not create a lot of pressure on the same body area.

And you know what? This type of a mattress became popular because it fits perfectly for couples who have different preferences in this question. The thing is, you can change the level of firmness and the cover for your mattress on each side of the bed. The only con of air mattresses, however, is when someone sits on the one side the other side tends to pop up. Thinking about your husband, don’t forget about your children. Yes, perfect soap for kids is not the only thing they need)

Quick 5-Step Guideline to Choosing a Right Mattress

We went over most popular types of mattresses you can meet in the store and I hope you picked the one that best suits your sleeping habits and body characteristics. However, there exist some factors to influence your final decision. I came up with 5 major questions to answer before making this purchase:

  1. Should you replace your current mattress? – There are 2 main reasons why you should replace the mattress. First, it served you more than 8 years. Second, the mattress is too uncomfortable. Either way, it’s time for a mattress shopping.
  2. What is your best type of a mattress? – Hopefully, you already figured that out.
  3. How much money do you plan to spend on a mattress? – Everyone’s budget is different but one thing is clear: the cheapest option is not always a good option. The mattress won’t last long, not to say it will be uncomfortable to sleep on. If you are tough on the budget, I recommend saving at least $600 for a middle-prize mattress.
  4. How firm should my mattress be? An average level of firmness that will be comfortable for most people ranges somewhere at 5-7 out of 10.
  5. What is your weight? – It’s all easy: if you weight more, then you’ll want more support from a mattress.

So here it is, now you are completely ready for a successful mattress shopping! But what is the best place to buy a mattress? I would advise going directly in stores and trying each mattress personally instead of doing it online. I am already looking for a mattress store near me. By the way, here is one more tip. To know for sure if the mattress is comfortable for you or not, lie on it at least 20 minutes. Perhaps, you’ll get some weird looks from people but this is all about your comfort, isn’t it?

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