How to Choose Comfortable Shoes

how to choose comfortable shoes

How many times did you experience the feeling when fancy and unbelievably luxurious shoes are simple uncomfortable? I think, no I’m even sure, that every woman will understand me. Walking is working and stress-free way to stay healthy. But how is it possible to stay healthy with wounds and blisters? I tried to answer this rhetorical question – no way!

Therefore, I offer you to stop wasting money on uncomfortable shoes and go through a couple of simple steps that will help you to choose perfect shoes!

What Makes Comfortable Shoes?

Understanding what actually makes shoes comfortable can save a couple of painful hours spent in the wrong pair. Comfort is about the design of the shoes, the sole, the padding, and the fit. And yes, orthopedic shoes for women could be stylish. When I choose shoes, I make sure that:

  1. Lining inside is padded.
  2. Foam insole is present (memory foam is the best one).
  3. There is a room inside the shoe (especially around the toes).
  4. The firm is sole.

When you shop and try different pairs of shoes, take 10 minutes to walk around the shop. If at least something disturbs you, don’t think that “the skin will stretch” or “my foot is simply swollen now”. Speaking of the swelling. If you suffer from this problem, consider it too!

Considering Details before Purchasing

Now, I would like to discuss aforementioned points in detail.

The lining inside is extremely important. I speak about any kind of material inside the shoe. The ideal pair of shoes is the one that doesn’t allow your feet to rub without being constricting on the side of the feet.

Flat shoes should be padded around the ankle, the side of the foot, and the top of the foot. High heel shoes must be padded around the toes and the heel.

The foam inside the shoe guarantees a comfortable and soft surface for your feet for the whole day. As I said before, foam insole is the best choice as it will create a shape for your foot and provide the maximum comfort.

Enough room inside the shoes is very important for your comfort. It’s all about choosing the right size. If you can wiggle your toes slightly, then the size is suitable.

It’s also important to find a firm sole. Keep in mind that thin soles are too flexible to pad the bottom of the foot. Rubber soles that are minimum 1-2 cm thick provide the padding between your foot and the surface you walk on (and that’s what you need).

Make sure that the midsoles (this is the part of the shoe between the upper part of the shoe and the tread) are made of a cushioning material. Midsoles of gel, foam, or air are the best option for cushioning and scaling down the impact on the foot when it reaches the ground.

I also started choosing shoes with rounded toes and I forgot about stilettos high heels.

By the way, here is my list of the very (!) comfortable shoes. Yes, I admit that they aren’t that fancy but if comfort is your priority, then you will definitely find something suitable:

  1. Comfort Plus
  2. Ecco
  3. Cushion-walk
  4. Keller
  5. Heavenly Feet
  6. Padders
  7. Softlites

I can spend a great deal of money on really comfortable shoes and I will never regret. Though, another great option is buying custom orthotics and put them inside. So, dear gentlemen, take care of the health of your woman’s legs and of yours as well and purchase quality shoes!

What are your favorite shoe brands and how do you choose shoes?


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