How to Choose a Pediatrician

Searching for Pediatrician

Small talks with my friends made me write this post. Children became an important topic since they were born and now (no matter how we start a conversation) we still start talking about kids issues. Our yesterday subject of conversation was a good pediatrician. The period of an autumn cough and cold began and we need to protect our children or find someone, who will get them on the feet without complications.

I managed to find a good specialist even before Bogdan’s birth and I know how to choose a pediatrician. It was not as easy, as choosing a mattress) And yes, I’m ready to reveal this big secret to you. By the way, are you satisfied with your doctor? Share with me your experience in comments!

When should I Start Searching for Pediatrician?

This is one of the common questions and the answer is short – as early as possible. The best idea would be to find a good specialist before or during pregnancy and understand what to expect from the newborn during first weeks after birth.

If you don’t find a pediatrician beforehand, then you can turn to the weak specialist in a rush when your kid will need a treatment.

Pediatrician vs. Family Practitioner: Whom to Choose?

I would choose (and I’ve, actually, chosen) a pediatrician for my child. This person specializes in children treatment. He deals with newborns, kids, and children daily. He has a regular practice while family practitioner concedes in this issue.

Still, some parents decide to choose a family practitioner just because their insurance plan can cover the expenses then. I would ask: “What’s more important for you then: the health of your priceless child or money?”

How to Choose a Pediatrician for Newborn

If you don’t know how to choose a pediatrician, you should visit the website of The American Academy of Pediatrics and They place lists of available pediatricians in your community.

Furthermore, you can find the same lists, so-called referrals to the pediatricians that can get new clients in most of the local or county medical societies.

The last option is to come to the department of the medical center, community hospital, or teaching hospital that are situated near your house and ask about suitable specialists in your area.

The less proven variant is to ask around your friends and relatives about good professional. If there is a person, who deserves applying to, you can visit the medical institution and ask for an opportunity to visit him.

What to Do after I Choose Pediatrician?

After you have chosen a pediatrician, you will more likely ask for a little interview to tell about your child and as about his qualification.

By the way, the American Board of Medical Specialists Directory contains some information about pediatricians. It won’t be a problem to find out what medical institution a pediatrician graduated from (if it’s important to you).

On the interview, you should find out about the details of the appointment (do you need to notify a doctor about your arrival), of the doctor’s hours (what are they and can you reach a doctor after hours), of the payments, billing, laboratory charges, and insurance claims, etc.

Reading my post about best dental plans might be also interesting.

Before making a final decision, you should figure out whether pediatrician accepts new clients and your insurance.

I would also recommend you to clarify the location of the hospital. I made sure the importance of the convenient location on my own negative experience and now I am very cautious with it.

What if I’m not satisfied with chosen Pediatrician?

It happens and you should talk to your doctor before meeting him. On the surface, such conversation seems to be uncomfortable but you have to solve this issue as we speak about the health of your child!

For instance, you might be unsatisfied with the time the pediatrician spends with your child or the hastiness in his decisions. You should ask about the opportunity to fix it. Otherwise, you should change the doctor and start the search again.

If you don’t know how to choose a pediatrician, you should simply follow my directions as I’m a Mom of two children, who have the best pediatrician ever. Finding a good specialist is complicated because only time reveals some negative issues. A good thing is that you can always change a doctor!

So, make the right decision and stay healthy!

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