Yes, I Love Home cleanup! Don’t You?

home cleanup

Cleaning at home is not my problem anymore! Does it sound like a challenge? It might sound so. Today, during regular sweeping, I realized that cleaning at home might be a real problem for many women.

So, I decided to tell you about my relationship with tidying up: I hate it, I accepted it, I got carried away. How? Keep on reading.

Problem: I Hate Home Cleaning.

I have friends. And only one of them really enjoys cleaning. I used to tidy up because I HAVE TO DO IT. Not because I like it, not because I understand that cleanliness is equal to health, not because I enjoy crystal-clear windows and snow-white tablecloth in the kitchen. That’s why every cleaning day became a nightmare.

The only case when a woman starts cleaning with enthusiasm using the best cleaning products is the time after her baby is born. She thinks that her baby should breathe the freshest air and crawl around the cleanest floor. And that’s right. But this “huge crush” passes through and a woman starts cleaning again in the nick of time when there is nothing to do.

Solution: Change Your Attitude

The “dirty situation” wasn’t a good ride for me. I sit and thought: “If I have to do something I don’t like unconditionally, why don’t I fall in love with it? And I fall in love. Well, yes, it sounds a little bit generous but the sense remains the same.

Here works the golden rule: If you can’t change the situation, you should change your attitude.

What’s the result? When we lived in the house with 3 bathrooms, I used to spend the whole day cleaning them. Now, when we live in the flat with 2 bathrooms, I need 15 minutes to clean them. Miracle? A sort of.

So, how can we change the attitude?

1. Love Your Home

Change the attitude to your house. Let the cleaning be a blessing of your house that removes all problems, negative thoughts, and stress out of your home. Let it be an anger management – now the energy flows smoothly into your house and you can breathe free.

2. Choose Fly Lady Principle

fly lady system for home cleaningA genius American lady Marla Cilley brainstormed a working system of the Fly Lady that helps to keep a house clean without stress and exhaustion. Guess I need to write an article about this method. Yes, I definitely need to do it! And here is the pritable I found on Pinterest.

3. Pay Attention to Your “Companions”

Home equipment that I use to clean a house plays a hugeee role for me. Once we purchased a mop that made me fly around the house – I needed 30 minutes to wash the floor in the whole flat.

Over time, it wore down and I noticed that cleaning irritates me. It continued until we purchased a new the same one mop.

If you are nodding with a grain of salt now, you simply underestimate the use of modern tools for cleaning: slow cookers, automatic steamers, bread makers, dishwashers, smart vacuum cleaners – think about what the most important to you is, what can greatly facilitate cleaning! Then you will see how tidying up will transform into a pleasant pastime, I would even say a regular thing.

4. Ask and Accept Help

If you don’t keep up with some duties, ask your family to help. You can involve your husband, children, and Grannies to help. Just entrust them an assignment that they will manage to do. Our son, for instance, off-loads dishwasher and my husband is often ready to help me.

Think about applying to a family handyman who can fix things and you will get read of many problems.

5. Adjust the Right Mood

Before cleaning, I always ask myself about my attitude today. Sometimes, for instance, I turn on the loud Spanish music and literally clean the house dancing. Sometimes, I turn on my favorite audio collections and don’t even see how the cleaning is going. There are also times when I think intensively about something: plan vacation, solve the problem, make plans for future.

Of course, there are days when I want to do something else. Then I just say myself: “I will do the whole work in one hour and then I will have plenty of spare time for other things” Honestly, it works.

6. Kip Fit

Yes, ladies, cleaning helps to burn calories, especially intensive cleaning as sorting your old photos will only help you to develop your motor skills.

7. Get Rid of Old Stuff

I feel real satisfaction when I get rid of things I hadn’t been using for ages. Remove old clothes, broken tools, old magazines and old school cups that you will never put on the table.

Now, tidying up isn’t a nightmare, a punishment, or “Oh, Gosh, not again!!!”

A smart Fly Lady system helped me to understand in what way I should program my woman skills. I don’t get bothered or angry after cleaning – I enjoy it as I respect my family, my home, and my space. So do you!


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