Healthy Raw Food Diet Plan for Perfect Fit

raw diet plan

In a search of working diet, women usually make the wrong choice. The main problem is unawareness. It’s always easier to believe the attracting advertising with slim girls in the foreground that promise that you will lose weight without a gym and exhausting diets, isn’t it? Still, healthy food with gym work miracles and that should admit all lazybones, who read me.

The main purpose of a proper nutrition is a health benefit. With food, we should get proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the amount proportional our parameters. In this article, I decided to cover an issue of the raw food diet and create a raw food diet meal plan that won’t hit your pocket!

Together with my nutritionist, I learned basic principles of the raw food diet and I’m dying to share them with you!

What Is Raw Food Diet?

In a simple word, a raw food diet allows consuming organic and unprocessed food. It means that you shouldn’t heat the food over 104–118°F (40–48°C). You shouldn’t also refine, pasteurize it or consume food full of pesticides.

For those, who decide to change their eating habit, the diet offers some alternative cooking ways:

  1. Juicing
  2. Dehydrating is suitable for everything from fruit and vegetables to meat and fish. It preserves nutritional properties and contributes to longer storage.
  3. Soaking – primarily used for groats to improve their properties (initially, a grain is looking forward the moment to fall into a damp environment and start soaking naturally) vegetables to get rid of bitterness and for the fruit to get rid of acids.
  4. Blending
  5. Sprouting for wheat, rye, oats, mung beans, lentils, buckwheat, milk thistle.

As well as veganism, raw food diet is based on plants – fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Still, the rules don’t exclude raw eggs, dairy, raw fish, and meat. Some experts speak out against consuming vitamins and supplements. They support the idea that the raw food will give you all necessary supplements.

So, people believe that cooked food is a died food – only raw eating has a so-called power to maintain the health of our organism. The cooking destroys the nutrient content of the food.

Well, that’s my “simple word” about the raw food diet and now let’s move to the potential benefits that you will get from this eating philosophy.

What are Potential Benefits of the Raw Diet?

The idea about has already existed in the nineteenth century. Many qualified nutritionists examined this issue. According to the research made by the University of Giessen, 200 people who had been eating organic food during particular period admitted the beta-carotene level increase that is responsible for disease prevention.

Along with this substantial benefit, raw food diet helps to:

  1. Improve digestion and heart health
  2. Prevent cancer and nutrient deficiencies
  3. Help with optimal liver function
  4. Lower inflammation in organism
  5. Clean up the skin
  6. Give an energy
  7. Finally, LOSE WEIGHT

Of course, raw food diet plan has advantages. Firstly, it’s very high in fruit and vegetables, which is equal to a high number of vitamins and vital microelements. Secondly, its rules exclude potentially unhealthy food (fast food and fatty food, sugar and sugar water, etc.). Of course, raw food diet weight loss is substantial because it’s indeed low in calories.

What Are the Contraindications of the Diet?

As the saying goes, all that glitter isn’t gold. Therefore, there are pros and even contraindications for enthusiasts. The first thing you should keep in mind is that this eating system is truly unbalanced and your organism will point up the lack of fats and protein.

It means that organic food diets are missing not only in vitamins (especially Vitamin D), minerals (especially calcium), and protein but in calories also.

Furthermore, 70% of women, who stuck to the diet, experienced problems with their menstrual cycle and one-third of them faced amenorrhea, which means that they didn’t have a cycle at all. It’s also not the best choice for moms who decided to breastfeed.

As well as raw food might contain some unique microelements, cooked meals have some original and vital nutrients and antioxidants.

Therefore, the benefit of the raw food diet is kinda controversial. I don’t discourage you from sticking to the diet. I only emphasize the importance of weighing all pros and cons because some processes in our organism are irrevocable and the consequences can be fatal. As a matter of course, you should consult with a qualified nutritionist!

Is It Right for Me?

If you are an experienced vegan then a raw food diet is good for you because then you face with smooth adjustment of your ration and your organism won’t suffer from the lack of certain building materials.

If you live in the area that allows you to grow your own plants, then this diet will be a sort of a natural lifestyle for you.

If your aim is to lose weight, then raw food diet weight loss can become an option to consider. Still, remember that you have to consult with a health professional. Intensive load in gym requires consuming a lot of protein to build muscles and maintain a bone mass. Furthermore, when you exhaust your organism with training, you HAVE to eat balanced meals! Therefore, in some cases, raw food diet is forbidden!

Common Raw Food Diet Meal Plan

raw food plan

If you decide to try organic-food-based nutrition, then you will definitely like (or don’t like) these appetizing (or… let’s say offbeat) meals!


A perfect breakfast should include protein and carbs. As for carbs, you can definitely choose all kinds of fruit. Green smoothie or chia seeds smoothie with fruit will give you an energy that we all need in the morning. Why not start a day with a tasty mint tea?

The next variant for breakfast is soaked oats with berries or raw banana pancakes with nuts or fruit.


Your lunch should be based on salad or soup. Raw salad with figs and nuts (all kinds of nuts), salad with berries and avocado, sprouted quinoa Buddha bowl, raw squash soup can will become a raw food diet-friendly meals.


Dinner is the less “overload” meal that has to contain vegetables. Don’t forget to include mushrooms – they will make the taste of the meal delicious. Once, I’ve cooked raw lasagna and my family like it. If you want, I can share the recipe in the next post. Just let me know in comments.


You can afford two or three snacks per day. A good idea is to include cereals and cereal products. Broccoli with hummus is the next yummy snack. Don’t forget about berries and fruit.

As you can see, the rules of the raw food diet are very strict. Not every person, who wants to keep fir, will bear it. Therefore, don’t exhaust yourself and, furthermore, don’t switch to this diet rapidly – give your organism time to get used to it. It’s so easy to make harm to our organism…

I hope that this information about raw food diet plan was useful for you! Now, I’d like to know if anyone of my subscribers has tried to eat organic food only! Was this experience successful? Let me know.

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