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Hi, everyone

You know I always have lots of things to write about for Irene Kot blog. But I know for sure that you also have so many ideas for interesting posts. I suddenly realized that it’s just like a perfect parenting! Your friends share experience and it often becomes more valuable that numerous guides and instructions.

So I will be happy to post you stories and tips with my readers.

Why to Write for Irene Kot

Share your experience, sories and tips with moms and families all over the world. I will be happy to add your short bio and add a link to your social media profile or blog. Though, I do not post promotional, spammy links because my aim here is providing readers with quality content.

What I Publish

My major criterion is a quality, interesting content. And here is a short checklist for you before sending the article.

  1. Original and unique article. It shouldn’t be published anywhere else.
  2. Check the topics: Career, WellBeing, Family, Home.
  3. We love reading Ho To’s, Personal Stories, Reviews.
  4. The post length is 660 – 1000 words.
  5. White your short bio and attach a headshot.
  6. You can add images if necessary but don’t forget about a copyright.

How to Submit

If you are ready, feel free to send your article via email 

I really try to answer every application, though it usually takes up to 3 business days. As soon as your post is published you will get a link.

Do you know what I do next?

I share it with my friends and followers! Do the same.

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