Growing Healthy Children

Growing Healthy Children

Sooner or later, each of us decides to have children. Children are what we leave in this world. We are ready to give all of us to them.

Childhood is the time when the organism forms, that’s why it is so important to care about all the aspects of health. A couple of simple rules to follow can save your child from chronic diseases throughout its life.

How to grow healthy children? I have collected a four-point plan for raising happy healthy children and would like to share them with you.

Physical Activity Is Important

A child’s health depends on its physical activity. This quote is important at any age. Parents often exaggerate the fragility of small children. It seems to us that they will hurt themselves or will break their hands. We are also calmer when a child does not run or climb anywhere. However, we suppress its cognitive activity and immunity in such a way. Such a child is more likely to catch cold or other infections.

To help your child grow healthy and active, its body must fill the need for movement. Experts advise paying attention to the age category of your child. It will help get all the necessary physical skills after a while.

Do not turn morning into a routine of actions that are usually performed in a half asleep state. Children do not like boring activities, so try to come up with something fun and entertaining. Splash each other in the face with cool water, do gymnastics. Physical exercises are designed to tone not only muscles, but also spirit, so teach your child to train with joy. Allow a kid to invent a new movement independently. You can create a playlist together. It is important for the child to know that it is an equal participant in all the activities.

Physical Activity

Read Books on Growing Healthy Children

Books make us think and have our own opinion. Do not limit yourself to one book, even if it seemed suitable to you. Read three or four books to find a common base for all and not dwell in a single direction. Maybe you will like nutrition from one author and gymnastics from another.

Pay attention to what a child should be able to do at a certain age.

John Rosemond has an unusual approach to growing kids. He has described his views in his book The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children. It disapproves the parenting books centered on children. According to him, such books aim at creating the generation of dependent children. He advises parents to come back to a natural way of growing kids. According to him, parents should be not friends, but leaders of their children. His straightforward guidance is supposed to help raise children responsible and independent.

Is it possible for children to learn several languages? You can teach your kids to speak one, two, or three languages. If you can’t, you should change the strategy.

Pay Attention to Nutritionthe best food for a baby

Nutrition is an important component of children home health. A child should eat regularly, at a certain time. Many parents try to feed their child with adult food (sandwiches, sausages, burgers and so on) as quickly as possible. It lets parents not to cook for children separately. Remember that the best food for a baby is a porridge, both boiled and stewed, natural and low-fat.

Don’t use food as a treat when your child does something the way you want it to. Do not offer sweets to an upset and distressed child. If you regularly reward and comfort your child with chocolate and sweets, it will quickly get used to them. Sweets may become a way to forget about trouble and sorrow. It may lead to obesity. Birthday is the best time to treat it with sweets.

When raising healthy children, moms should watch how a child reacts to food. Children are often allergic to some food, which leads not only to skin rashes, but also nausea, abdominal distention, and indigestion.

Support Your Kid In AnythingSupport Your Kid

Mental health is important as well. The best support is faith in your child. You should forget about the past failures of a kid. Remember only about its achievements and victories, focus on its strengths. Convince your kid that it will cope with the tasks you give. Help it gain confidence. Show your child how much you love it. Spend more time with it, travel together, hug and kiss it, joke with it.

Bottom Line

Illnesses are deeply rooted in childhood. When growing healthy children, you need to properly distribute the burden placed on them. Try to achieve a golden mean between mental and physical activities. Don’t forget about emotional contact as well. Losing it can lead to sad consequences in adolescence.

The key thing to pay attention to is a balanced diet, physical activity, and mental comfort.

If you would like to share other tips or situations you experienced while implementing them, you can share them in the comments below.

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