Getaways With Little Kids – How to Make It Happen

organizing getaways with little kids

As soon as Bogdan finished school, he officially announced about his deserved summer break. Now he insists on more getaways to the cabin or going camping. Indeed, now when nature is so magical and inviting, it’s hard to resist the temptation and spend the whole weekend in the city.

Attracted to the idea of a perfect summer weekend trip, we did not hesitate for long. Last Saturday we packed our bags and went off to the woods for camping! It’s another social media promotion idea as people love to get useful tips with photos, right?:)

We drove far enough from our city and found an amazing place by the riverside and away from anything that reminded civilization. Years ago, this used to be a children’s summer camp, now the place is abandoned and untended.

I mean, now it’s rather a place taken under nature’s control. In spite of everything, we spent a great time there. It still feels like I am there, smelling the bewitching aroma of summer flowers, breathing that clean and fresh air and listening to charming birdsongs.

I wish that every family would have such an unforgettable vacation, even for a day or two. If you are tripping with a group of adults, apparently my advice won’t be necessary to you. But when it comes to children as a part of your “travel crew”, the vacation details must be planned in advance. That’s when my tips will be helpful for sure.

Take THIS If You Go Camping

getaway with kids

Now I am going to list out the most significant items you will need to prepare when planning a mutual getaway with your kid. No doubts, you can edit the list depending on how far and for how long you are going to travel.

Remember that being on the fresh air increases appetite, especially if your kid plays active games or simply moves a lot. In any case, you should think about nutritious meals during the trip.

  1. Pre-washed fruits or veggies will be a great idea since the last thing you’d like to think about during your vacation is where to wash them. Also, try to pre-cook meals beforehand. It must be freshly prepared and placed in special food containers.
  2. Water, beverages. Of course, the more water you can fit in your car trunk – the better for you. It’s a good idea to have separate containers for drinking water and the one used for washing your hands. Don’t forget to take a large thermos with tea (you already to how to make a mint tea) or coffee to keep you warm in the evening.
  3. Ground mats or travel chairs. It’s nice to have several folding chairs and one folding table but if you are fine using mats like me, they will be enough. Although, if you are having a vacation with a kid, I recommend taking one extra mat… you know, just in case.
  4. Hand sanitizer and wet wipes. If you are still not used to carry sanitizers and wet wipes, pack this stuff in your bag right now. Surprisingly or not, many people tend to forget trifles like that.
  5. Frist aid kit. Standard strip bandages, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch creams (for mosquito bites) and sunscreen lotion are the basics. Before the trip learn how to deal with insect or tick bites.
  6. Extra clothes and shoes. Take several sets of clothes for your kid and 2-3 different pairs of shoes. Taking a cap or kerchief is also mandatory.

Toys for a kid

toys for getaway

  • Sand & water toys. Everything from buckets, shovels, rakes to scoops and cones can occupy any child for another hour or two at the riverside.
  • A toy ball.
  • A children’s folding tent. It’s good to hide inside the tent from the sun.
  • Coloring books, paper and pencils/markers. As soon as your child gets too tired to play moving games, it’s time for some painting. Maybe he would like to draw the surrounding nature whether it’s birds, butterflies or flowers. Painting for kids is a great activity, so even if Bogdan doesn’t paint anything during our trips, I always offer him to draw our adventures later at home.
  • I love it when kids watch and run after flying bubbles. They usually do it with such an incredible joy and carefreeness. It will make your husband happy too.
  • If you child is 9 years and older, you can take equipment for such outside games, as tennis, badminton or frisbee.
  • Even though most of us have good smartphone cameras, none of them can replace a good professional camera. If you have it, I highly recommend you taking one.
  • Now that you are outside and enjoying the nature, you can use this time to replenish the kid’s knowledge with something new. The great thing is that you can do it in a fun atmosphere so that your child doesn’t feel like he is still in the school class. If your kid learns a new language, you can help him recall or learn the names of the animals and plants you see. Or if he has problems with math, try to count them instead. Be creative and the child will never notice the “learning” part of such exercises.

One more important recommendation: clean up after yourself! Take some trash bag and clean up before heading off home. Fortunately, we have barely seen any people who neglected to clean up the camping area, which is wonderful. Be a good example for your little one.

Believe me: the above-mentioned tips will reduce the number of stressful moments during your camping time with a kid. After all, mamas need some rest as well. Nature has its own power of “renewing” the human’s body and soul, not to say the kids love getaways like that. So, pack your stuff and get closer to nature the following weekend!

Enjoy your mini-vacation!



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