Fun Indoor Games for Kids That Made My Stay-At-Home Days Easier

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Hello, my precious! I hope you all had a great week while I was kind of absent for this small period. You know, there were so many things to take care of and I just couldn’t find a spare minute to actually sit down at the table, put my thoughts together and write another blog post. Hopefully, this short “crisis” is about to end and I am back in the game.

And speaking of games, today I am going to talk exactly about them.

I know each mom, including me, has a set of prepared games and activities with her kids for every special occasion or for any possible situation.

For instance, during the winter, my children typically have no particular desire to go out and play outside because of a severe weather (although, Bogdan is truly a snowball lover).

At any case, it’s our responsibility to ensure our kids are engaged in fun but yet useful activities and games when they are home. And you can spend this time to learn about spring skin care.

And yes, WITHOUT social media, computer games, TV or Xbox. Not that I am completely against them all but we have to remember that there should be moderation in everything.

So throughout this whole winter, I have tried out numerous indoor games with both Bogdan and Solomia that I could ever come up with.

I like it when kids not only have fun but also are engaged in learning something interesting during the course of playing. I hope these ideas would be of some help for your own leisure with children. And remember, dear ladies, each one has been tried out on my own experience.

1. Science Experiments At Home

I have no idea where, when and how Bogdan actually started liking science but as soon as I discovered that passion in him I couldn’t leave that fact behind.

Did you ever know how science experiments can be entertaining? There is so much information about them in books and on the Internet, not to say stores are packed with complete boxes of experiments for young scientists at home. Maybe, Bogdan is about to become a worldwide chemist, who knows.

For sure, science experiments are one of those educational and yet fun indoor games for kids that every mama should try.

The level of complexity varies, which means there will be options for kids of every age. I usually purchase all the necessary ingredients on my own. For instance, this one was the volcano’s eruption. I used basic ingredients, like hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide.

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2. Treasure Hunt

Who from kids doesn’t like treasure hunting? Kids would love to search for hidden objects for an exchange of a great prize waiting for them at the very end of this game.

I love doing this activity with kids because of several reasons. First of all, you can think up the tasks however you or your children like. Besides, the prize can be literally everything, from a small candy bar to some unexpected surprises.

Therefore, you can also do a treasure hunt during holidays or the kid’s birthday when he will be getting some gifts anyway.

Second, you can turn this game into an educational activity. For instance, in order to get clues about the next venue, your kids would need to answer questions from their school program or, as an alternative, complete a math task.

Third, it’s a great fitness! I mean, after 30 minutes of treasure hunt with Bogdan and Solomia we are all so exhausted. And you know what: I like it so much! Solomia feels like sleeping and Bogdan finally calms down and starts doing his homework.

Furthermore, kids do need regular physical activities and during winters we don’t go out for long walks very often.

One more thing to remember: this is definitely not one of the fun QUIET indoor games for kids, but rather an ACTIVE and fun activity for the whole family to enjoy your time at home.

3. Salt Painting

I know, it’s far from being called a “game” but making salt paintings is one of the most favorite activities to do during a quiet Sunday afternoon for Bogdan. And I am so happy about that because it doesn’t require too much time and materials for a preparation.

And according to my other mama-friends, making salt painting excites both toddlers, preschoolers and even elementary schoolers like my one =) Just look how Bodgan is passionate about what he is doing!

fun Indoor Games

So, for that activity, we took water color paints, paintbrush, water, glue, salt and of course a piece of paper. You might want to take dark paper if your kid plans to use bright colors – it just looks more expressive.

On my picture, Bogdan decided to paint a “salty black hole” and a white piece worked just fine. You might want to help your kid to paint the pattern with glue first and then sprinkle some salt on it before it dries off.

Then, after shaking off the rest of the salt you can give him/her a freedom for his own fantasies. Though the photo you may actually see this fizzy effect of the painting, which is a super cool effect as for me.

So, this was a list of fun and easy indoor games for kids. If you ever want to try them out with your kids, let me know how they reacted on such activities. Meanwhile, I am just keeping calm before the beginning of spring.

Sincerely yours,

Irene Kot.

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