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Do you blog because you like writing or it’s just a part of your marketing strategy that helps to promote your business? Doesn’t matter which of these two categories you relate yourself to, the secrets of an effective blog post remains the same. If you wish to become a successful blog author, here is my infographic with the most important aspects that can make each blog post successful.


So, what makes a blogger successful? Oftentimes, bloggers gain their popularity not only because of their unique and appealing content, although this aspect remains and will remain crucial for each author. Most of the writers use basic blog writing secrets to make their posts easy to read, easy to scan and easy to find.

It’s hard to come up with a universal formula of an effective blog post since there are so many different industries and topics with their own writing peculiarities. However, there exist elements inherent to every successful blog post.

1. Content

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your overall blog content. If you choose one topic, make sure you have a good understanding of one. The audience is smart: it feels this falseness when you try to speak up about things you don’t know much about. For example, I decided to write my post about sending thank you flowers because of the necessity to make such present and the only way was making a research and asking for tips that were shared later.   This is an important thing to remember, especially for authors who don’t take writing as a hobby but rather do it for marketing purposes. Such blog posts are nothing more than a set of SEO techniques. Yes, SEO is great but let’s not forget about the quality of your text. After all, we write for humans, not machines.

Each of your topics has to disclose something new or give a fresh look at an old subject. The length of the post should be at least 500 words, which is approximately one MS Word page of text. This minimum gives you just enough “space” to express your thoughts but you can always go over this number. Before posting your text, check it on presence of grammar, syntactic or spelling mistakes. Avoid too long sentences. Finally, use a plagiarism checker to find out the text’s uniqueness (it should be at least 90%.).

2. Keywords

Now that we realized the importance of a content, let’s go back to an SEO aspect. Keywords are necessary and that’s a fact. But how to find powerful keywords for a particular blog post? Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner. Review other good blog posts that have the same topic as you and start making a list. Use top keywords in your Title, Description and Headings. Try out also synonymous keywords, which you’ll find out by using synonymous keyword generators.

3. Links and the Page’s URL

Linking in your blog post is usually one of the main goals why this text is being written. You can link back to your old-forgotten posts (or vice versa), support your claim with another Internet-based source or most importantly promote your products/services by providing a link to your website/social network etc. Linking to an external source, make sure it’s highly credible and relevant, or else you risk to lose all gained trust from the audience at one time. Also, keep in mind that the anchor you’ll be using as a link in your blog post should be short and easy to understand.

The same rules are for the page’s URL, it must be concise and clear. Herewith, URLs always should contain keywords.

4. Images

Images inserted into your blog post boost the post’s visibility. It’s important those images are emotionally related to your topic in order to fit in harmonically. In other words, they need to convey the same mood as your text does.

Generally, having at least one visual element is super important. First, many people can find your blog post among Google images. Second, as you share a link to your blog post in one of your social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest), it automatically displays the image and makes your link more appealing and noticeable. My social media promotion ideas could be also useful for you:)

So, before posting a random image here is my advice. Use a high-quality image format but don’t make it look huge because an image is only a supplementary element of your blog post and has to stay more “in the background”. I love using photo editors to make every image perfect and unique. Don’t just insert the mainstream images from Google. As an alternative, you can use some relevant photos of your favourite photographer or even use your own personal pictures (why not?). If you use someone’s images, do not forget to mention the author.

I mentioned only several key aspects of an effective blog post so if you have something to add up to it, you are welcome to leave your comment below. As you see, being a successful blogger requires more than just being talented in writing. Every blog post is written for some purpose and usually, the purpose of one is a call to action. Like now, I am convincing you to follow my infographic tips to make your blog post more effective and I truly hope you will.

Lots of love,

Irene K.

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December 4, 2017 11:00 am
I appreciate the infographics very much. A few people know that the success formula of blogging is in the system. I think that all of the aspects that the infographics consist of must make the daily system of the successful blogging. The key words, or should I say the power words are really what makes your blog catch the attention of the potential reader and make him recommend your blog. The content that you post I by far the most important part of the blogging because solid content and the visual background will have the viewers return to your blog.… Read more »
Irene Kot
Irene Kot
December 7, 2017 7:44 pm

Broyne, thank you for appreciation) Yes, that’s what I tried to show creating the infographic – the system. I know awesome writers whose blogs don’t get enough attention just because they don’t follow the rules of the Internet World. At the same time every post should be written for people)