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Discount Dental Plans

Have you ever thought of taking a dental insurance but you were not quite sure whether you would make the right choice? A while ago, I had the same question in my head and hopefully, I managed to solve this issue successfully even though I was always scared to go to a dentist.

And partly I was afraid of the bill for the dentist’s services. No kidding – sometimes, it just gets ridiculously expensive! But well, after all, taking care of your teeth is an essential part of your overall health. Therefore,

let’s consider of taking a good dental insurance plan together!

Everything You Needed To Know About Full Coverage Dental Plans

The average price for the dental plans is from $1000 to $1500 per year. The majority of such dental insurance plans will pay for 2 preventive maintenance visits per year that won’t require a deductible payment.

And speaking of deductibles, most plans require $50 per person, which helps to pay for other expenses beyond preventive exams. Although, this sum won’t be able to fully cover all the procedures. For instance, if you need to do the root canals, the most insurance plans would pay only a half of the full price.

Also, there exist many cosmetic procedures that most individual dental plans won’t be able to cover, such as tooth-colored fillings on molar or bicuspid teeth, dental implants or adult cosmetic orthodontics.

There are different kinds of dental plans available for the usage and I am sure you can find some affordable and yet good options wherever you live. One of the most common types of planes are the following:

Dental Discount Plans

This is an option got those who don’t need frequent special treatment and requires only common procedures The monthly cost of such dental discount plans is about $10 per person.

Preventive-Only Plans

Preventive-only plans are a great choice for people who don’t need special dental work done as well. Such plans cover only preventive exams and cleanings.

Standard Individual Plans

One of the most common affordable dental plans that can cover two exams, cleanings and X-rays per year as well as partially additional dental work, is the standard individual plan. Keep in mind though that there might be a deductible for an exam.

Family Plans

Family plans can be beneficial for big families (more than 3 persons). Let me clarify: most individual dental plans demand a $50 deductible per 1 person, meanwhile the sum of the deductible for a family plan equals $150, which helps you save a little more on a plan if there are more than 3 people using the plan. And by the way, I picked exactly this kind of dental insurance because of its convenience in usage.

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“Gold” or “Premium” Plans

Premium plans don’t necessarily mean premium services, they just require a higher cost. You are supposed to pay approximately $300 more per year than if you would pay for a standard dental insurance.

But if you choose this option, you can get cleanings once in 4 months rather than once in a half a year.

To sum up, I want to add that each dental insurance plan has its own coverage list and you will never know until you clarify that fact with your dentist’s company.

Also, I came across the situation when the insurance didn’t cover some of my dentist’s major procedures during the first year of its usage. The main thing, though, is to make sure that you make regular payments so that it won’t affect your credit score.

Take care of yourself and your family!


Irene Kot

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