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Before marriage, every home breakage was a real problem for me cuz I:

a) didn’t manage to find a bona fide repairer;

b) even if I find the repairer, the price of his services leaves much to be desired…

When I got married, I almost got rid of this problem – my husband is a handyman. It’s convenient and it’s (sorry for tautology) handy!  I forgot when we applied to the professionals the last time. Still, there are families where husbands prefer to pay substantial money for the services they can actually do themselves.  Some women also don’t have time for a home cleanup and it’s ok to apply for help.

There are certain ways to become the family handyman and do a favor for your budget. By the way, if this isn’t what you expected to read in my article, I will leave a couple of tips for lazybones at the end of the article.

How to Become an Excellent Family Handyman

There are men with golden hands. They spent time around their fathers in the childhood and know the solutions to different situations. Is your lawnmower broken? Is there a roof that needs mending? Something wrong with a car engine? Your family handyman can cope with everything.

Still, there are men, who start learning it after marriage, after a certain age, etc. It’s like women, who start cooking after they get married. If you are really interested in becoming the best handyman, you should start from learning lessons.

Probably, our Dads have been learning to be Jacks-Of-All-Trades with a help of The Family Handyman – a cool magazine founded in 1951. It’s a nice visual aid to those, who can’t cope with nails and hits his fingers with a hammer. handyman magazine

While the technologies are moving forward, men get a better possibility to learn about repairing the whole house and a garden.

FamilyHandyman.com a useful resource with articles, guidelines, and videos in different categories that will show you how to repair and improve your house!

Along with it, I found out about an effective YouTube channel Family Handymen. There are not only but easy solutions to how to facilitate certain processes, manage the space of the room effectively and make the house cozier.

I do love interesting Youtube channels and found lots of interesting ones about breastfeeding. Obviously, they inspired me to create my previous post.)

My husband also watches Discovery channel regularly. There are some programs such as Take Home Handyman where you can find 100+ tips related to handyman services.

You can also make use of your smartphone! The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius by Reader’s Digest is a cool advisor for men. “The ultimate DIY app from the publishers of The Family Handyman Magazine. This app offers clever ideas and pro secrets that save time, money or hassles, and makes the difference between a poorly done project and one you’re proud of”, – the developers say.

Here is the other working training manual – your experience – but you will be able to turn to it after at least 20 years of your family handyman work. Still, you can also call to your Dad or ring the neighbor’s doorbell.

For Lazybones…local handyman

As I promised, I prepared a couple of tips for lazybones that prefer to pay for simple services.

As you know, you can browse the market and choose either independent operators (those that were taught with the aforementioned sources) or turn to the insurance company if you have coverage and agents will call the specialists.

Sometimes you don’t actually need a handyman. For example, if you need to clean your solar panels, you can apply to the company that has installed them.

You can also search on the Internet “handyman services near me” and find the reliable specialists that will REALLY HELP YOU!

Not every person will name you the real cost of his services. If you are ready to pay $20 for the simple mending of the tap, you can choose the easiest way.

What do you think about handyman services and who copes with all repairs in your house? Let’s discuss this issue in comments.


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