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So I have been very busy lately trying to get everything ready for my son’s new school semester. You know, running late errands can be very stressful especially with Bogdan – he is so impatient when it comes to shopping even if when the reason of shopping is basically him. We had a long list of things to buy, which included running shoes for his PT class, a long-sleeve jacket, and stationary stuff, which by the way was indeed one of the main “items of expenditure”.

Although, when I was looking for some good tennis shoes for Bogdan, I randomly glanced at some custom orthotics near me, which made me consider the differences between prescription orthotics (prescribed by your doctor and designed individually for your feet) and the ones you can freely purchase in the store. I mean, the first option is definitely more expensive, therefore is there any sense to pay more for custom-made orthotics or the cheaper alternative works just fine?

By the way, if you regularly read my blog, you know that I have talked already about best running orthotics for high arches and overpronation. Although now I will emphasize more on custom orthotics for flat feet. After a “serious” Google research I found out that custom orthotics from a retail store or an online shop have a completely different name than “custom orthotics” – the name we typically use for them because this is how they are called in the ads. It turns out that these non-prescription foot supports are called shoe inserts. Then, DO ADVERTISEMENTS LIE TO US? Let’s take a close look to find that out.

It turns out that these non-prescription foot supports are called shoe inserts. Then, DO ADVERTISEMENTS LIE TO US? Let’s take a close look to find that out.

Prescription Custom Orthotics VS Shoe Inserts

So apparently, ads do not lie to us completely: shoe inserts that you can easily buy in Walmart or any other store can be helpful. They actually are, if the ads promise to provide you with comfort, soften the area around your feet, support flat arches and help you get rid of foot and leg pain. However, foot inserts compared to best custom orthotics are not able to cure your more serious foot problems, for instance, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, diabetic foot ulcers or any other biomechanical injuries.

WHAT ABOUT CUSTOM ORTHOTICS? I have already mentioned that these ones are crafted individually by your podiatrist after a whole set of measurements of your feet, ankles and even the leg itself. That’s why they are fully accommodated to the form of your foot.

Besides, we can divide custom orthotics into 2 separate categories: functional (have a purpose to treat foot pain caused by various abnormal factors as well as treat injuries in the foot area, made from plastic or graphite) and accommodative (these are made to soften and support your feet, used when there are painful calluses and other things that cause discomfort).

They say custom orthotics prevent foot pain much effectively than usual foot inserts and in general orthotics tailored to your individual foot size and made with better materials make it even more comfortable for the person to move.

Nevertheless, this is what most of the podiatrists say and as we know, prescribing custom orthotics is their job and they make money on it. I mean, I have dug for more information from sport medicine physicians whose patients do often face foot problems. He says there is no particular need for custom orthotics unless there is a real pathology going on.

What does that mean, you may ask? Well, that means, ladies, you don’t have to run to your podiatrist for custom orthotics if your only purpose of wearing them is making your feet more comfortable in the shoes. I recommend you to try out shoe inserts in the first case and only after making an appointment with a doctor if they still create serious pain and discomfort.

Basically, at your doctor’s appointment, you’ll be paying more for the podiatrist’s job rather than orthotics themselves. He would use all kinds of examination tools for him to decide if you really need personal custom orthotics or not.

How Much Do Custom Orthotics Cost?

How much are custom orthotics? While reading everything above you have probably asked this yourself for several times. As we all know, prescription items cost even more than usual ones. I would say they are much more expensive than the ones manufactured for retail sales. Custom orthotics prices vary but the approximate costs are $200-600 and not always, they would be covered by your insurance.

At the meantime, they last for years and can be renewed for a little price in case the materials wear out. However, the price above includes payments for the feet’s examination, diagnosing the problem and taking a cast of your feet.

So, my dear readers, if you really want to know where a pricey tag on custom orthotics come from, ask your podiatrist to explain you piece by piece which elements are included in the final price. And yes, don’t forget to look for custom orthotics review – custom orthotics reviews can give you a clue which materials work better for your individual case.

So, have you guys had any experience with custom orthotics or shoe inserts? Please, comment below which ones you personally prefer more and which aspect is more important for you: the price or the product’s quality? Do you agree that shoe inserts are no worse than prescription custom orthotics?

Thank you for showing a great interest in my blog! I am grateful to God that I have a chance to share my thoughts with you and perhaps help you out with mama’s daily issues. Stay with me and you will learn even more!

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