Dream Home Mortgage Reviews by Irene Kot

american dream home mortgage reviews

Good evening, my dear friends! How are you doing? Have the cherished dreams of your children come true?

A couple of days ago I realized that between Merry Christmas and Happy New Year there is a suitable time to talk to my dear Mammies! Xmas time seems to be a part-time job, doesn’t it? Dirty dishes, an endless stream of courses, guests, gifts, kids, and you are all alone in this charming Xmas chaos. Of course, I am just kidding. I love winter holidays in my big cozy house with a glowing fireplace, big drawing room, French windows, and breathtaking view!

Of course, I am just kidding. I love winter holidays in my big cozy house with a glowing fireplace, big drawing room, French windows, and breathtaking view!

Recently, I’ve been recalling how we had been choosing our house, moving in it with dozens of the paper boxes, picking up the wallpapers, curtains, furniture, and other house dressing. You know what was the least romantic part of it? Mortgage. Yes, our family couldn’t afford a house and we decided to apply for a dream home mortgage.

And you know, only after several years I understood that mortgage is not a nightmare unless you follow certain rules. I used to wake up at nights realizing that I am chained with mortgage terms and monthly payments to a routine without traveling, holiday picnics, shopping, and gifts. It was a truly horrible period until I, ugh, FINALLY, realized that everything, in fact, is more optimistic.

If you are that susceptible person (like I am), you must look through my blog! I know there are my mortgage soul mates but you will change your attitude to American dream home mortgage like I did.

American Dream Home Mortgage Reviews

Before applying for a mortgage, my husband and I familiarized with dozens of the local private and governmental banks and online direct and indirect lenders. It took a time to choose one or another financial institution until I found out about dream home mortgage reviews.

You know, they are the companies that just check out different online lenders toward certain criteria. Their reviewers make a research and define those characteristics that are important for me and you – in other words, for average Americans.

Such services are really cool as they:

  1. Facilitate our time.
  2. Help to find reliable lenders.

My controversial experience with resume writing companies shows that applying for American dream home mortgage reviews is crucial.

Where to Find Dream Home Mortgage: Dallas Knows

Recently, I was hit by my former mate from makeup courses. Linda mentioned that she urgently looks for the reliable home mortgage in Dallas. You know, I was confused. Right in the street, with full packets from Wal-Mart, I decided to help my dear makeup friend.

We joined the nearest Internet center and checked out a couple dream home mortgage reviews. I noticed that one of the dozens financial services took leadership positions. Later, Personal Money Service became a cool mediator between our family and the best lender ever!

You know, I could never imagine that American dream home mortgage can be a simple and fast process. I also know that some of my beautiful Moms have already applied to Personal Money Service for personal and short-term loans! Couldn’t you share with us your personal experience?

Some Basic Mortgage Loans

When I applied for a dream home mortgage, I knew nothing about it. I was like a Titanic passenger, who can’t swim. My husband was like a Titanic captain, who can swim but doesn’t know how this journey will end.

The first three terms I faced (and you will face too) were closing fees, points, and the annual percentage rate (APR). APR will help you, my dear friends, to understand what mortgage loan will be more affordable to you. In fact, it’s an amount of money, which you will overpay annually to the lender for a loan.

Closing fees are the trickiest thing as they can be hidden (though the law insists on including all kinds of fees to the calculating). Nevertheless, you MUST ask your lender about the fees!

Furthermore, you will face the down payment. Out family managed to provide a substantial down payment (something like 20% or a little more) and I sigh with relief as our interest dropped. Afterward, I got that the larger down payment is the lower the interest is.

Actually, there are so many tricky things about mortgages and I am so happy that my husband deals with it! Otherwise, I would definitely drive crazy. I hope that 2017 will be the year of the substantial purchases for you, my dear Moms! Wish you the happiest New Year Eve with your beautiful families! Always yours Irene Kot!

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