Does Running Help Burn Belly Fat?

running burn belly fat

Hello to all sport-addicted and those, who decided to get in shape by summer! You still have chances to polish your body and create the body of your dream. Keep up!

When I started working out, the first question to my coach was “What types of activity DO burn fat?” I tested them all and now can share this experience with you.I have already written about plank and its ultimate use for your body. Today I will cover another important part of your training – cardio.

Put on your sneakers! Ready, steady, go!

Stop #1. The Benefits of Running

I hated running. After 10 minutes of jogging, it was difficult to breathe, the blood rushed to the brain and pulsated in temples… When I started working out with the coach (what is VERY important), I started jogging 15-20 minutes a day without exhausting my organism. My secret lies at the good running orthotics, right pace and gradual load increase.

The benefits of running made me come back to this nightmare again. Now I enjoy it and see the results. Let’s review them quickly:

  1. Strengthening of the circulatory system;
  2. Heart training;
  3. The real loss of calories.

While you are jogging 10-11 km/h, you are losing about 700 calories per hour (for a person weighing about 70 kg). This is 10 times more than if you were sitting at a computer in the office. Miracle? Hard work!

Stop #2. How Does the Running Work for our Bodies?

If you have already bought perfect gym bag essentials but still wonder does running on the treadmill burn belly fat, you should understand first how the running works and what changes happen to our organism.

The process of fat burning on the treadmill is based on your energy expenditure. You start losing weight when the calories that you “involve” in running exceed the calories that you gained with food (the calories that transformed into your fat). Low-intensity workouts use calories to produce energy. High-intensity workouts burn more calories and burn fat.

Still, you shouldn’t focus on the high-intensity training only. Combine these two types of workouts to reduce the possibility of injuries.

Stop #3. How much Cardio Do You Need?

Experts recommend running at least 30 minutes before or after every workout. In this case, the training will have an effect. But don’t  forget that if you are a novice in the gym, you should start with 10-15 minutes of cardio and gradually increase the load.

Keep in mind that practicing cardio for more than an hour burns your muscles. Scientists have found that though aerobics “burns” fat, after an hour of cardio the organism focuses on the muscle tissue. After two hours of cardio, the body loses up to 90% of leucine, an amino acid that determines muscle growth.

Stop #4. Two Important Factors for Your Fat Loss 

Everything works better in a system. Running is amazing. It doesn’t only help to lose weight. It helps to form your legs (especially calves muscles) and gluteus muscles.

Still, it’s important to add strength training and low-fat diet. Probably, it’s high time to check the detox foods for weight loss. The strength training improves your metabolism because muscles use more energy. The belly fat loss and runninglow-fat diet reduces the calorie-intake and helps to reach the aforementioned calories balance.

Finish. The Bottom Line

Cardio is a great choice as an effective assistant in your workouts. Still, don’t forget that on the way toward the perfect body you should follow the system: cardio, strength training, low-fat diet.

So, I answered the question “Does running burn belly fat and love handles?” and now I’d like to ask you:

What is your attitude to running? Do you enjoy it and what percentage of the entire training does running occupy?

Looking forward your answers in comments! Thank you for your feedback 🙂


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