Did You Pack these Gym Bag Essentials?

Gym Essentials

As a Mom of two children, I know that packing a bag beforehand is the rightest decision ever. Even if I have time to get ready, I’ll more likely forget something. When I joined the gym, I understood that properly packed bag with gym essentials is a must-have for crusaders for a perfect shape and healthy lifestyle.

Today, I want to share my experience with you. On the agenda: what should men and women pack in the standard and veteran “gym bags”?

Gym Bag Essentials for Her

My experience shows that woman’s gym bag is twice bigger than man’s one. When I started packing mine, I understood why. So, here is my list of things that I ALWAYS take to the gym. By the way, I’ve already written about the role of different lists in my life. Planning is a key to success. Therefore, if you are an absent-minded person, it’s better to create a list of gym bag essentials and pack them beforehand.

Well, let’s go!

#1 Gym Mitts

The first thing that I always take along with the extra shirt and top under it is gym mitts. As a Mom, I know the importance of the personal hygiene. Unfortunately, not every gym team follows the basic rules to keep the room clean.

Using a sanitizer or wet wipes before and after using every equipment is impossible. Therefore, gym mitts are the perfect solution. Furthermore, they perfectly complement the outfit!

And much of the credit is about preventing our hands from calluses. While they might look natural on the man’s hands, they mark up sensitive woman’s hands! Let’s be healthy and beautiful!

#2 Quality Top

Women, who regularly work out (especially those, who are crazy about CrossFit), know that sometimes it’s very difficult to focus on the exercises (especially very active ones) due to the “weak” bra.

It took time before I finally found a quality bra that was about the right bra. Our breast has to be supported.

There is no muscle tissue in the female breast and the skin is very plastic. If a woman works out actively without a proper bra, regardless of the size of the breast, eventually the breast will lose its shape. In addition, active movements can adversely affect the health of this tender organ.

Comfortable footwear is also super important and I have already written about the best running orthotis.

#3 BB or CC Cream

For girls, who want to look fancy at the gym, I would recommend to remove the makeup and use CC or BB cream. It will provide the smooth skin tone and texture. Furthermore, it will take care of your skin. My favorite one is Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream – $38.50.

Still, I DON’T put a makeup when I work out. If you do, you should use the scrub after it to purify your pores.

Gym Bag Essentials Men

Speaking of the man’s gym bag, I can only rely on my husband’s one. He doesn’t go working out without:

#4 Reusable Water Bottle

Moisturizing your body and organism during the working out is a must-do! If your gym has a water cooler, you should only carry out an empty bottle with you!

Experienced professionals recommend sportsmen consume no more than 1 liter per hour when working out.

#5 Muscle Rub

The training might get too intensive. Men sometimes tend to overdo with a load. If you have a muscle ache, you should promptly use a muscle rub to calm down the inflammation process. Lucky Tiger is one of the most affordable. It will cost you $12.

I also know that gym bag essentials for guys always includes headphones. I don’t listen to music always – sometimes (especially, when stretching myself) I prefer to be in a quiet room by myself. Still, if you can’t live without music or audio magazines, you should better use full size or over-ear headphones with “bowl” around your ear.

Universal Tip

Viruses and bacteria at the gym are a major problem for those, who control the state of their health. Women’s gym bag essentials in my performance contain so many things but I always carry a towel, wet wipes, and my personal yoga mat. I also have my personal dumbbells 1.5 kilos each to do cardio with them. Purchasing as many PERSONAL things to the gym as possible is your goal!

This was a piece of the gym bag essentials list. I emphasize on taking these things because some people ignore it. Now, I have a question for you. What things do YOU take at the gym? What should I include?


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