Designing For The Future: Trends We Need To Consider Now

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The website design industry is in a state of constant evolution. In order to stay relevant and on point Web Developers adopt new trends and push trough inspiring ideas.

Today it is no exaggeration to say that the success of the online businesses heavily depends on web design. As an Online Marketer, I have to monitor these changes to stay one step ahead. Changing design of the website is a complex matter that can influence the opinion of your audience. It is vital to take into account a great number of factors. Any business should strive to deliver a distinctive image that will make the website stand out. Here are some of the most promising innovations that should be considered by those interested in the future of website design.

Content Driven Design and Card Layout

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The first thing all young Web Developers have to understand is that any design has to be based on actual content. The absence of content is a major problem for those who only care about the looks and keep adding dummy text just to fill the space. But remember the words of Kyle Fiedler, the Chief Design Officer at ThoughtBot: content is king.

Once there is enough information to deliver, designers can come with stunning, distinctive interfaces. This year the simplicity is on trend. Card design layouts are getting their fair share of attention as they are perfect to distribute the content. Web Developers should focus their attention on visually attractive elements that carry valuable information. Sites like Pinterest, Dribbble, and Tumblr are perfect examples of simple yet meaningful design solutions.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Storytelling

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Mike John Otto, the Executive Creative Director at Philipp und Keuntje, is sure that artificial intelligence is meant to improve our web experience permanently.

Immersive trends supported by VR technology are also on their way to make a grand entrance. So far virtual reality hasn’t had a chance to shine. However, far-sighted developers already attempt to infuse web design with 360 video and VR elements. The only major problem is that the most advanced improvements demand VR headset and additional gadgets. Nonetheless, this concept promises success as Web Developers keep on pushing the boundaries of online 3D experience.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet Bots

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The interface of the website matters, there is no questions about that. However, it is impossible to predict what exactly your visitor will need. This is when Artificial Intelligence can have a significant impact. Guiding and assisting users should be a priority of any smart web design. Instead of implementing a passive system, developers should make each visitor’s experience customized.

Needless to say that this can be hardly achieved without Internet Bots. John Allsopp, the Author of “Developing with Web Standards”, emphasizes the importance of unconscious interaction. It is impossible for people to analyze huge chunks of data, but AI can help users optimize their experience and suggest the most appropriate solution. Learning the habits and preferences of each visitor can become the next stage of any smart web design.

Verbal and Visual Stimuli

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To make sure your idea gets attention, you are bound to think through every word, every pixel of your website. A lot of amateur designers fail to deliver unique and memorable content because they are scared to deviate from standards. What elements can attract attention to your ideas? What buzzwords will strike your reader to keep looking through the website? Perceive your blog as a story and make sure this story can win over the audience.

Another thing that shouldn’t be disregarded is imagery. About 74% of social media marketers use visual assets and this is done for a reason. High-quality visual elements are aesthetically pleasing. They can encourage your visitors to stay. No need to overload the interface, it is possible to add just enough quality graphic elements that will not overwhelm the visitor.

While some people think that web design industry has already reached its peak, creative developers come up with new ideas and make good use of old content. Right now the most promising features we should look forward to are customization and personalization. Making web design “intelligent” and user-centric is the main trend that should positively influence our web experience in future.

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